Use social media research to plan campaigns and study trends

Social media data is a great source of insight into the past. Do you know how to tap into social data to get the information you need to plan campaigns or update your strategy? With social media research and analytics from Union Metrics, you can find just the data you need and learn how to apply it to future campaigns.

Use social analytics for smarter planning

With analytics built on top of the right social data, you can research past events to better prepare for future ones. Use flexible queries and historical data access to uncover new audiences, find relevant content, and plan campaigns. With Union Metrics, you can:

  • Understand the true impact of social reactions during a crisis
  • Uncover new audiences and user-generated content
  • Identify key posts and influencers in any conversation
  • Determine when and how trends started
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Tap into Twitter’s massive archive

Twitter is a data source like no other and the only social network where marketers can learn what audiences think about their brands at any time. Every social campaign, regardless of channel, can be improved by tapping into the world’s reaction to every event – big or small – whether it happened 90 seconds or nine years ago.

With Union Metrics Echo, you can mine Twitter’s rich data archive to better understand the impact of tweets about anything that’s ever happened. Use this insight to plan upcoming campaigns, target a product launch, research a client or competitor, or update your social strategy.

Win new clients with better pre-pitch research

For agencies, the more you know about a potential client’s business and current marketing, PR or social media strategy, the better prepared you will be to address their biggest issues and win their business. Use Union Metrics to do your homework before your next pitch. Research the potential client’s current social strategy, their competitors and industry, and be sure you have all the information you need to ace your pitch.

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