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Having the right social media report is crucial to your campaigns. Success or failure often hinges on capitalizing on a trend at the right moment, catching a mistake before it gets worse, and getting the data you need to report on results. Union Metrics can help with real-time campaign analytics and reporting.

Adjust your social campaigns mid-stream

Social campaigns rarely run exactly as planned. Fortunately, having access to real-time reporting during your campaign means you can quickly spot any mistakes before they get worse.

With a Union Metrics social media report, you can measure audience response to every part of your campaign as it happens, allowing you to adjust your strategy going forward. For the best results, be sure you’ve set up tracking before your campaign starts.

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Capitalize on trends as they emerge

Want to join in on the latest trend or meme on social media? You can create a Union Metrics Tracker tracking a trend in just a few seconds to see if the conversation is worth joining. See how large the conversation is, how fast it’s growing, how positive or negative the sentiment is, and the kinds of posts people are sharing about it.

Union Metrics Trackers even allow you to see who else is participating in a conversation, to decide if it’s worth diving in, or if you should avoid it all together.

Post-hoc campaign reporting

You’ll never again have to scramble to measure the success of a campaign after it ends. Union Metrics reporting gives you everything you need to easily report on key moments and overall outcomes to all campaign stakeholders, including sponsors and influencers.

With full-fidelity access to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr data, you can quickly pull the social media report you need to demonstrate your campaign’s success. Plans start at just $99 per month and we have options for every budget.

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Need a social media report for your recent campaign? Getting ready to kick off a new campaign? Try Union Metrics analytics.
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