Identify influencers in social media

Discover the people who make your social world go round. Use Union Metrics social analytics to identify influential participants in a community. Whether you want to find new influencers or identify your biggest advocates and most active followers, we can help you find the people who are making an impact on any social conversation.

Find your biggest fans and advocates

In any conversation, there are a set of people responsible for driving that conversation forward. The conversation about your brand is no different. Our reporting can uncover key contributors across social media, finding the people who promote your brand and the ones who amplify your content – your activated audience. Learn more about your followers, your biggest fans, and the advocates who grow the reach of your brand on social media.

Get to know your activated audience better. Reward your fans and find new people to follow. Learn more about identifying brand influencers and advocates here.

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Find your advocates

Identify influencers in a community

Get to know the influencers in any community. Whose opinions carry the most weight in a community? Who does a particular group listen to and consider important? Tapping into influencer networks in a community can help you better reach that community. Using Union Metrics analytics, you can monitor topics based on keywords and hashtags across Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. This allows you to listen to a community and get to know its key constituents instead of plunging in blindly.

Move beyond influencers to find actual amplifiers

Influence on social media is about far more than just how many followers you have. Using our analytics, we can help you find the people who actually amplify a conversation, the people who can reach the largest and most relevant audience. Don’t just count followers; count action and activity.

It’s not just about who you know, but who your network knows. Tap into your network. Find out who’s engaging with your content and who’s sending your message across social media through reblogs, retweets and other shares.

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