Build an audience on social media

No matter how compelling your content is or how solid your social strategy is, you need an audience to share with. With Union Metrics analytics, you’ll learn how to grow your audience across social media – the right way. Extend your reach and stop shouting into the faceless social void.

Grow your followers

We’ll be the first to say that follower count is not a real measure of influence on social media. However, it’s a good base to start from for any social media campaign. Plus, it’s probably something your boss is going to ask about, and we want you to look good. At Union Metrics, all of our analytics include follower and fan growth metrics to help you keep track of this growth. And even better, you can measure your competitors’ follower growth for helpful benchmarks.

It will take some time to grow your following, but it’s worth the effort. Read these articles for tips on how to get followers on Instagram and Tumblr.

Get followers and track growth
Get followers with hashtags

Find new audiences through the right hashtags

With the right hashtags, your content can spread far and wide across social media. Our analytics can uncover just what those hashtags are. We’ll help you find the hashtags that work best for your content, as well as the hashtags relevant communities use, to extend the reach of your message.

And keep in mind that the hashtags that work on one social media site might not work as well on another. With Union Metrics, you can dig into the hashtags that work best across Twitter, Instagram, even Tumblr. We’ll help you get smarter about your multi-channel marketing.

Drive more engagement with your content

To build an audience, you need to post content they’ll love. Our analytics can identify exactly how your content performs across social media. Figure out what to post more of and what to improve. Learn how your followers engage with different types of content. Then be sure you’re posting that content when your audience is most receptive; we can help you find the best time to post.

Get followers that engage with your content
Get followers by understanding your engagement

Better understand who engages with your content

To find and grow your audience, you need to first understand your audience. Who engages with your posts? Who follows your accounts? Who do you want to talk to? With Union Metrics, you can learn a lot about the people who interact with you on social media. Find out who moves a conversation forward, what a community is interested in, and more. The better you know your audience, the more targeted and relevant your content can be. Then just watch the followers roll in!

Take your social media strategy to the next level with Union Metrics

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