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Union Metrics offers far more than just a quick glimpse into your recent Tweets. Our subscriptions plans provide comprehensive analytics for any Twitter topics and profiles, as well as reporting for Instagram and Facebook. Curious how our subscription plans stack up against the free snapshot?

Free Snapshot Report

Limited Twitter-only data
Snapshots will include up to 100 tweets
Summary analytics
Top-level metrics including reach and Tweet activity
7-day snapshot
Static view of only the most recently posted Tweets
Analyze single query
Report on just one query at a time
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  • Union Metrics has been a valuable tool for measuring the success of The Motherhood’s social media campaigns. The site’s easy-to-use features help us better understand online conversation around our programs so that we can report clear and impressive results to our clients.
    Nicole Paladin, The Motherhood

All your social analytics together in one place

Get better insight into how your campaigns perform across social media

Union Metrics subscriptions allow you to monitor all your campaigns, accounts and competitors across social media. Use our multi-channel dashboard for a high-level view of how your social media is performing, compare projects across channels, and much more. Go beyond the dashboard to drill into the details of your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram campaigns with ease.

Multi-channel analytics dashboard
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At Union Metrics, we offer the industry’s most reliable Twitter analytics, alongside powerful reporting for all the social media channels in your brand’s marketing mix. Learn more about Union Metrics plans and how we can help you change your social strategy for the better.

We’d love to show you how Union Metrics can help you get more from your social marketing. Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Our $99 plan is a great option if you want to try out our advanced analytics. Monitor two topics or profiles on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with our easy-to-use, no hassle subscription that starts at just $99 per month.

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