Add Union Metrics to your tourism marketing strategy to attract new visitors

Destination marketers are becoming increasingly dependent on social media to reach new audiences and attract more visitors. Union Metrics works with DMOs to optimize their social strategies and help bring in new business by analyzing key social metrics. If you work in destination or tourism marketing, you understand how important it is to engage with your visitors. With Union Metrics, you can:

Listen to your community
Keep track of what visitors are saying about your destination across multiple social channels.
Reach new visitors
Discover hashtags that expand your reach to potential visitors and determine when the best time to post is to maximize engagement.
Boost engagement
Identify your biggest influencers and top posts so you know what type of content to share and when.
Track competitors
Monitor your competitors’ social media accounts to see how you stack up against their metrics.

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  • “Union Metrics tools have been invaluable in tracking my bi-annual wedding business summit. The dashboards give me a bird’s-eye view of the impressions generated across Twitter and Instagram, while the in-depth reporting allows me to identify key influencers for further engagement and increased reach. These numbers are crucial to generating interest from sponsors each year!”
    Rebecca Grinnals, Engaging Concepts

Union Metrics is used by tourism and destination marketers around the world, including these organizations. Want to join them?

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Destination and tourism marketers face a unique set of challenges and opportunities when using social media to attract visitors. Social media is an ideal platform for inspiring travelers, and a strong, multi-channel social strategy can give destination marketers an edge.

Our free ebook, written specifically for destination marketers, includes tips on how to improve your social media strategy. You’ll learn about creating the best original content, growing your audience, and finding the right metrics to track your progress.

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