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  • “Union Metrics has been essential in helping us analyze the success of our clients’ campaigns. Tracking events and sweepstakes can be difficult, but Union Metrics makes it extremely easy to pull the data we need. Further, we know we can trust the accuracy of our numbers, as Union Metrics pulls data from only the highest quality sources.”
    Sara Bonafide, LeadDog Marketing

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The Union Metrics Social Suite offers in-depth analytics to help you scale. Get everything you need to stand out on social media.

  • Learn what your target audience thinks with sentiment analysis
  • Track the competition to measure and increase your share of voice
  • Filter posts by a geographic location or language
  • Optimize your content strategy with detailed engagement analytics
  • Research any campaign or trend with access to the full Twitter archive
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Our flexible subscription model makes it easy to upgrade from an entry-level plan to the powerful suite.

  • Find anything in the Twitter archive with Echo, our real-time Twitter search engine
  • Learn more with advanced reports for demographics, geography, sentiment and more
  • Increased volume allotments mean no follower limits and more posts per month
  • Analyze even more data with advanced search and larger data backfills
  • Get the help you need with our dedicated account management

The Union Metrics Social Suite provides marketing teams with the social intelligence they need to plan and execute a more effective social strategy. With our comprehensive real-time analytics, you can stay ahead of competition and stand out from the crowd on social media.

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