Add Union Metrics to your resort and hotel marketing strategy to attract new visitors

Resort and hotel brands are becoming increasingly dependent on social media to reach new audiences and attract visitors. Union Metrics works with hotel marketers around the world to help them use analytics to optimize their social strategies and bring in new business. If you work in resort or hotel marketing, you understand how important it is to engage with your visitors before they ever step foot on your property. With Union Metrics, you can:

Listen to your community
Keep track of what current and past visitors are saying about your properties across multiple social channels.
Reach new visitors
Discover hashtags that expand your reach to potential visitors and determine the best time to post is to maximize engagement.
Boost engagement
Identify your biggest influencers and top posts so you know what type of content to share and when.
Keep an eye on the competition
Monitor your competitors’ social media accounts to see how you stack up against their metrics.
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Handy resources for resort and hotel marketers

Free social media strategy guide for hotel marketers

Resort and hotel marketers are faced with a unique opportunity to use social media to attract visitors to their properties. Social media is the perfect platform for inspiring travelers, and a strong strategy allows you to best take advantage of social media’s capabilities to reach visitors, before and after they visit your property.

Our free guide, written with the needs of hotels marketers in mind, covers a number of topics to help create or improve your social media strategy. Learn about how to create the best content, grow your audience, and find the right metrics to measure your success.

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Social media strategy for resort marketers