The multi-channel Union Metrics Social Suite

With the comprehensive Union Metrics Social Suite, you can monitor and measure all your social conversations – across Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook – in one place. Understand how your social strategy fits together. We’ll give you answers, not just analytics.

Union Metrics Multi-Channel Detail Overview with Insights

Analyze all the social channels that matter most

Gain insight into how your campaigns perform across social media

Our brand new multi-channel analytics allow you to monitor all your campaigns, accounts and competitors together in one place. Use our multi-channel dashboard to quickly compare projects across channels, see a high-level view of how your social media efforts are going, and much more.

Our multi-channel analytics are included in the Union Metrics Social Suite.

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Get insights into exactly what’s working

The Union Metrics system continuously monitors your data for new trends and automatically adds key insights into your dashboard’s insight stream.

  • Immediately identify insights that can shape your strategy
  • Discover the hashtags and posts that extend the reach of your brand
  • Find the right time to post new content for maximum impact
  • Identify spikes and declines in follower growth and engagement
Multi-channel analytics - Facebook insight
Multi-channel analytics

Compare campaigns across channels

Our multi-channel dashboard provides an overview of all the properties and topics you’re monitoring across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

  • Quickly compare individual campaigns across social media
  • Follow engagement trends to find key conversations
  • Group Trackers into projects to manage multiple campaigns or clients

Optimize your social strategy

We will highlight the content and metrics you should be paying attention to, making it easier to improve your social strategy moving forward.

  • Compare performance of your owned accounts across social media
  • Uncover patterns in engagement from channel to channel
  • Find your top content for each channel to understand what works where
Multi-channel analytics - Top posts
multi-channel analytics - beautiful reporting

Track metrics across all of your projects

Our multi-channel dashboard makes it easy to handle multiple projects or campaigns, monitor your competitors, and quickly see what’s trending where – no matter the channel.

  • Group Trackers into projects for simple reporting and comparisons
  • Measure the size and scope of any conversations on social media
  • Easily measure share of voice and benchmark the competition
  • Multi-channel analytics - quote
  • As a long-standing Union Metrics customer, we have been consistently pleased with the company’s ability to stay on the leading edge of social listening and analytics. As new platforms emerge and gain traction, Union Metrics has steadily kept pace and allowed us to provide the breadth of reporting across channels that our client base demands and we strive to provide.
    Tim McNamara, AGAIN Interactive

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