Powerful Instagram analytics from Union Metrics

  • Learn from your experience

    Go beyond basic insights to capture all the data important to your brand, archived and accessible when you need it.

  • Learn about your audience

    Identify your top fans and advocates. Learn more about who interacts with your content and how you can connect with them.

  • Create better content

    Learn what posts your audience engages with most and how you can improve your content to better reach your customers.

  • Get the metrics you need

    Access full reporting on your stories to measure engagement. Track true reach and impressions, and so much more.

instagram analytics

Learn how your brand measures up on Instagram

With our Instagram analytics, you can analyze engagement with your posts, discover fans, and identify your top content. Get insights into exactly what is working and what you can improve.

Track all of your Instagram profiles with detailed reporting you can begin to use immediately. Plans start at just $29 per month.

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Get answers, not just analytics

Our system continuously monitors your data for new trends and outliers and automatically adds key insights into your dashboard’s insight stream.

  • Immediately identify insights that can shape your strategy
  • Discover the hashtags you should use to build your audience
  • See when you should post to drive more engagement
  • Drill into comments and sentiment with advanced reports
instagram analytics - business profile
instagram analytics - posts and engagement

Measure account engagement over time

Learn about all your Instagram accounts’ audiences and content using our detailed engagement reporting. Track trends in your engagement.

  • Find the best time to post new content for maximum impact
  • Identify the hashtags that result in higher engagement
  • Learn more about your followers’ demographics to customize content

Get detailed insight from the Graph API

Our Instagram reporting draws on the newest (and fully supported) Graph API. Access tons of new insights into your Instagram account.

  • Measure true reach and impressions for your account
  • Track your story performance over time
  • Monitor photo tags and mentions (coming soon!) of your brand
  • Get detailed reporting on comments and sentiment around your posts
instagram analytics - story analytics
instagram analytics - hashtag reporting

Save time with report-ready analytics

Our beautiful, interactive reports are perfect for sharing results with your stakeholders. We can make your job easier with professional analytics and instant insights.

  • See how you compare with at-a-glance comparisons
  • Save your data to a PDF at any time
  • Use our unique visualizations to build eye-catching reports