Union Metrics Echo makes the full Twitter archive instantly accessible and measurable

Union Metrics Echo is an innovative way to interact with Twitter data that combines endless exploration, pinpoint precision and detailed analysis. With Echo, it’s easier than ever to use Twitter data to improve your social strategy and inform your digital marketing efforts.

Explore the entire Twitter archive

Union Metrics Echo is more than just search. It’s an interactive interface for quickly visualizing full-fidelity data from Twitter’s archive to learn the size and trajectory of any conversation.

  • Search for anything in the full Twitter archive and get instant results
  • Identify trends, spot spikes and compare Tweet volumes with our streamgraph visualization
  • See an overview of the entire dataset and explore changes over time
Full Twitter archive
Find the right Tweets

Find the precise set of Tweets relevant to you

Echo makes it easy to find exactly the Tweets you need, discover inflection points and identify relevant conversations.

  • Build powerful queries using boolean logic and advanced operators to return only the Tweets you want
  • Zoom from days to minutes in real time and get precise Tweets counts as you move
  • Identify the most important Tweets in any conversation with just a click

Analyze any Twitter conversation in-depth

Once you’ve found the right Tweets, you need to understand reach, content and influencers. With Echo, you can generate detailed historical reports for any time period or start ongoing monitoring.

  • Export high-level trend data to CSV for further analysis
  • Easily backfill a Twitter Tracker with custom historical data and start monitoring Tweets in real time
  • Quickly create one-off historical reports to share with colleagues
Analyze any Twitter conversation
  • Multi-channel analytics - quote
  • We found Union Metrics Echo to be a very impressive feature with great potential. It’s especially effective at visualizing share of voice on Twitter, providing a very unique advantage as a listening tool.
    Alec McNayr, McBeard/Fullscreen

Get smarter on social with Echo

Answer key business questions with instant access to the Twitter archive

The value of Union Metrics Echo goes well beyond Twitter. We believe every social campaign, regardless of channel, can be improved by tapping into the world’s reaction to any event – big or small – whether it happened 90 seconds or nine years ago.

Echo Twitter archive search is now available on our Marketing Team plan for just $199/month.

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