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Get the social intelligence you need to make decisions quickly and confidently. With social media analytics from Union Metrics, you can easily adapt to the demands of today’s rapidly-changing marketing landscape and craft a more impactful social strategy.

Union Metrics Social Marketing Intelligence

Comprehensive capabilities for marketers

Designed with marketers in mind, Union Metrics’ diverse capabilities combine with a flexible usage model to guarantee you can quickly adapt to changes without compromising on functionality.

  • Get real-time monitoring and analytics across social media
  • Easily adjust your search queries as your needs change
  • Stay up-to-date with regular new reports and features
  • Trust your results with the highest-quality full-fidelity data

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Owned media optimization

Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Twitter
Grow your following with more effective content. Use Union Metrics to monitor all your social profiles to learn exactly how your content performs. Start creating better, more impactful posts right away.

  • Figure out what content works across social media – and what doesn’t
  • Learn when your audience is most receptive to find the best time to post
  • Discover the right content mix across channels
  • Research trends to find ideas for new content
  • Analyze your social profiles across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Keyword listening

A winning social media marketing strategy isn’t complete without comprehensive listening. With Union Metrics, monitor and analyze all the social conversations that matter to you.

  • Set up comprehensive listening across Twitter with powerful queries
  • Be sure you never miss a post with real-time, full-fidelity data streams
  • Get automated insights to make sense of trends and key moments
Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Facebook

Campaign reporting

Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Instagram
Get the right report for all your social media campaigns. Union Metrics provides real-time campaign analytics and makes it easy to prepare polished reports for your stakeholders after a campaign ends.

  • Use powerful search queries to capture all relevant social posts
  • Adjust your campaigns as they’re happening with real-time insights
  • Discover trends to capitalize on new conversations as they emerge
  • Easily prepare post-hoc campaign reports for all stakeholders

Competitive analysis

With analytics from Union Metrics, you’ll get the competitive intelligence you need to thrive on social media. Learn from your competitors and see exactly how you measure up.

  • Set benchmarks to contextualize your performance
  • See what your competitors are up to, even on Facebook
  • Track share of voice in your industry
  • Find out what kind of content performs with your target audience
Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Tumblr

Joshua Katz

Above/below has been using Union Metrics for detailed social media analytics since 2011. Not only is the data reliable and easy to use, but it also has given us actionable insights into how to optimize our clients’ social presence.

Everything your marketing team needs for social analysis

Social marketing intelligence from Union Metrics empowers your team to confidently develop social strategy with a unique combination of power and flexibility. Meet any social marketing challenge with Union Metrics.

Built for marketing teams
Flexible packages with simple setup reduces configuration time
Your profiles and topics
Use our Trackers to analyze your accounts and keywords or hashtags on Twitter
Access to the full Twitter archive
Instantly report on any topic in Twitter’s past with Union Metrics Echo
High monthly volume allotments
Access generous post volume and follower limits with no hidden fees
Never miss a post again
Trackers include 30-day backfill and real-time, full-fidelity data collection
More than just charts
Receive automated insights that highlight what’s important
Easy account setup
Get started in just a few minutes, with no training required
Simple account administration
Easily share data with colleagues, configure projects, manage user roles
Data you can trust
We’re a Twitter Official Partner, so you’re getting the best Twitter data
Constantly updated reporting
Get regular new reports and functionality so you can stay current