Measure the impact of your full multi-channel strategy

Painlessly monitor all the social conversations that matter to you in one place with the multi-channel Union Metrics Social Suite. Get the reporting you need to analyze and improve your social strategy. At Union Metrics, we provide more than social media analytics; we provide answers.

Compare campaigns across channels

Union Metrics Social Suite multi-channel analytics monitor all the topics and profiles you need across social media to help you quickly identify trends and adjust your efforts.

  • Quickly compare performance across social media
  • Uncover patterns in engagement from channel to channel
  • Analyze your top content to understand what works where

Get insights into exactly what’s working

The Union Metrics system continuously monitors your data for new trends and automatically adds key insights into your dashboard.

  • Immediately identify insights that can shape your strategy
  • Discover the hashtags and posts that extend your reach
  • Find the right time to post new content for maximum impact
  • Identify spikes and declines in follower growth and engagement
Multi-channel analytics - Facebook insight
Multi-channel analytics

Analyze the profiles and topics you care about

The Union Metrics Social Suite allows you to easily monitor all your owned accounts, earned conversations, competitors and campaigns, no matter where those conversations happen on social media.

  • Set up Trackers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr
  • Easily measure share of voice and benchmark the competition
  • Get the data you need with comprehensive queries and search

All the social channels you need
Get analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr
Any account, any topic
Use our Trackers to analyze keywords, accounts, pages, hashtags, blogs
Access to the full Twitter archive
Instantly report on any topic in Twitter’s past with Union Metrics Echo
High monthly volume allotments
Enterprise-level social post volumes, starting at 1M posts per month
Never miss a post again
Trackers include 30-day backfill and real-time, full-fidelity data collection
More than just charts
Get automated insights and email summaries with key metrics
Easy account setup
No hidden setup fees and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes
Simple account administration
Easily share data with colleagues, configure projects, manage user roles
Dedicated account management
Access our highest levels of support with a dedicated account manager
Exclusive advanced reporting
Access advanced reports and data that are only available on the Social Suite

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The Union Metrics Social Suite includes our in-depth analytics across social media channels

Twitter Analytics

Analyze anything on Twitter in real time – accounts, hashtags, topics.Learn more.

Instagram Analytics

Monitor engagement with any Instagram accounts or hashtags. Learn more.

Facebook Analytics

Measure the full impact of all your Facebook pages and posts. Learn more.

Tumblr Analytics

Track any public blog or keyword-based topic in full-fidelity on Tumblr. Learn more.

Instagram account and hashtag analytics

Get the robust reporting you need for Instagram

Monitor any Instagram accounts and hashtags with professional-grade analytics. Identify fans and advocates, learn how to improve your content to better reach your customers, and discover the hashtags and locations that drive the most reach and engagement for your posts.

Union Metrics Instagram hashtag and account analytics are built on the highest quality, full-fidelity Instagram data on the market.

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Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Instagram

Tumblr blog and topic analytics

Pinpoint trends where they start on Tumblr

Capture the Tumblr activity important to you to uncover trends where they start. Listen to the larger conversation around any topic with the platform’s only full-text search and keyword-based analytics. Connect with the people who engage with your content with detailed community metrics.

Union Metrics is a Tumblr preferred data provider.

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Union Metrics Social Media Analytics Tumblr

  • Social Media Analytics - Quote
  • Union Metrics has provided my favorite social media analytics for years. I love that I can interact with the data, learn about online ecosystems and pull super clean and relevant reports. I’ve been really impressed with how they’ve continued to innovate and upgrade their platform without interrupting the user experience.
    Renée Berry, BeMoRe

Learn how the Union Metrics Social Suite can improve your multi-channel social strategy

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