Pick the plan that’s right for you

All Union Metrics plans include analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Social Manager plan features
  • Analyze your Twitter profiles
  • Analyze your Facebook pages
  • Analyze your Instagram business profiles
  • Monitor Twitter topics
  • Up to 1,500 historical posts
  • Automated insights and alerts
  • Unified analytics dashboard
  • Detailed content analysis
  • Engagement reporting
  • Influencer reporting
  • Online helpdesk support
  • Everything in Social Manager, plus
  • Analyze competitive Twitter profiles
  • Up to 5,000 historical posts
  • Benchmark with 3 Facebook competitors
  • Fans and followers analysis
  • Instagram story reporting
  • Hashtag and url analysis
  • Summary data exports
  • Email support with 2 day SLA

Marketing Team


All the analysis, monitoring and reporting you need for comprehensive social marketing.

  • Everything in Social Marketer, plus
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Benchmark with 10 Facebook competitors
  • Language and geo reporting
  • Full data exports
  • User permissions
  • Customizable projects
  • Geographic filtering for topics
  • Language filtering for topics
  • Email support with 1 day SLA

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Union Metrics FAQs

  • What is a social profile? What’s a topic?
    With Union Metrics, you’ll be able to analyze one or more social profiles, and one or more Twitter topics. A social profile refers to one of your social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (some plans allow you to monitor competitive or influencer Twitter profiles as well as your own). A Twitter topic refers to analysis and listening for one or more search queries on Twitter, such as a hashtag, keyword or phrase.
  • How do I pick a plan?
    Consider how many profiles and topics you want to monitor at once. Each Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account counts as one profile. Also think about the expected volumes for your Twitter topics – the more popular the topic, the more Tweets that conversation will pull in.
  • How do I access the Twitter archive?
    Union Metrics has access to the full Twitter archive. We’ve built a tool called Echo on that archive, which allows you instant access to any Tweet in Twitter’s history. Our Marketing Team comes with the entry level version of Echo, which includes access to the past 30 days of Twitter archive. If you’d like to upgrade for older Tweets, contact our support team.
  • How do I get started?
    You can sign up now with a credit card for a monthly or annual subscription using the buttons above. You’ll have access in just a few seconds and can start monitoring immediately.
  • What data can I access?
    All Union Metrics plans include ongoing, real-time social media analytics with full fidelity coverage (that means no sampling or missed posts!). That includes keywords, hashtags and profiles on Twitter, plus your owned business profiles on Instagram and Facebook. All Trackers collect new data in real time, and in many cases, you’ll also get up to 30 days of historical data when created. Please note we no longer offer Instagram hashtag monitoring.
  • What if I need more info?
    Check our helpdesk for answers to all of your questions, including our cancellation policy (you can cancel anytime from within your account; we cannot accept cancellation requests via email or provide refunds for late cancellations). We also offer regular demos if you’d like to see the product in action, which you can sign up for here.
  • Where’s your legal information?
    Take a look at our terms of service and privacy policy.