Union Metrics single-channel social media analytics subscriptions include real-time data collection of new and future posts for one social media channel – Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Plans include data backfill, unlimited user logins, our easy-to-use dashboard, powerful drill-down reporting, CSV data exports and ongoing data archival.

  • We’ve always analyzed Tumblr data to shape the way we engage with and entertain our hundreds of thousands of followers, but Union Metrics delivers a deeper layer of data, allowing for more sophisticated, confident decisions. It’s been great to confirm what had been educated guesses before.
    Greg Schindler, Funny Or Die

Union Metrics FAQs

  • What can I do with a Union Metrics subscription?
    With a Union Metrics subscription, you’ll get access to a bundle of our Trackers, which analyze and archive social media posts in real time. Each Tracker can monitor one public account or one keyword-based topic on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Use this reporting to measure your social impact, improve your content, monitor your competitors and more.
  • How do I pick a plan?
    First, how many social media channels do you want to analyze? We offer plans ranging from $99-$399 per month for single-channel analytics. You can choose Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. If you’re interested in measuring activity on multiple social media channels, including Facebook, our enterprise multi-channel suite starts at $525 per month and includes analytics on all the social media platforms we support.

    Second, consider how many topics or accounts you want to monitor at once, as well as the expected volume for those topics to find the right size plan for your needs. Need help deciding? We can help!

    If you’re looking for historical data or free options, we can point you in the right direction. Send us a note.

  • What if I need more?
    If you need more Trackers, multiple social channels, or higher post volumes, we have larger enterprise options beyond the plans listed above. Take a look at our full social suite pricing here or contact our sales team to discuss your needs.
  • How do I get started?
    You can sign up now with a credit card for a monthly subscription using the buttons above. If you’re interested in annual pricing or invoicing, please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.
  • What data can I access?
    All Union Metrics plans include ongoing social media monitoring for new and future posts. We have full-fidelity access to the Twitter and Tumblr firehoses. All our plans include 30 days of historical data to start, as well as real-time, ongoing tracking moving forward.
  • Where’s your legal information?
    Take a look at our terms of service and privacy policy.

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