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Few of us can just throw a video up on Instagram and call it a day, guaranteed to see success from adoring fans and followers. We’ve got to be a little more strategic about our decisions, which is why we’ve put together these tips for you to perfect your Instagram video strategy. Got a questionMore

Halloween is one week away, but don’t panic if you haven’t had hours to spend planning out a campaign. We’ve done most of the work for you! Here’s how your brand can have a successful Halloween on Instagram with just a little work put in from you. Figure out what applies to your brand HowMore

We’ve covered a lot of Instagram territory over the years- and especially since we launched our Instagram analytics- so we thought we’d round up all of the most recent and useful pieces in one place for your easy reference. Consider this our best Instagram advice for brands. Got a question about something you don’t see here?More

If you have a Union Metrics subscription, you’re probably pretty familiar with our Trackers. But how much do you know about them really? There’s a lot we could tell you about Trackers, but today’s quick tip is around Tracker detail reports. Basically everything in your Tracker is clickable. That means every username, hashtag, URL, avatar, everything.More

No matter how much great content you produce, it’s going to waste if your audience isn’t seeing it. Promoting it on social media is one piece of the promotional puzzle that’s important to drive leads to your blog and back to your website (you know, in that perfect world where this always happens). Here areMore

Live-streaming can be intimidating because there isn’t a lot of room for error. It’s just you and the camera. . .and however many other people are watching from the other side. If you’ve been wanting to give live-streaming a try but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got some quick tips to get you upMore

Don’t let changes with the Facebook News Feed algorithm leave you feeling overwhelmed; take it as an excuse to keep your Facebook strategy fresh! Here are our three best tips for doing just that. 1. Constantly experiment. The month-long Facebook experiment we ran last fall taught us a lot about what was resonating- and whatMore

It’s here! The day social media managers- and anyone else who has multiple Instagram accounts- has been waiting for: Instagram account switching. Once you’ve set yours up, here’s three things you need to know for your brand before you start effortlessly posting, liking and commenting between up to five accounts. 1. Double check who has yourMore

Big news! We’ve made a bunch of updates to our Instagram analytics Trackers, and we think you’re going to love them. If you have a Union Metrics subscription with Instagram access, these updates are live in your account now. (And if you don’t have our Instagram analytics yet, but want to add them to yourMore

Instagram account checkup

Get better Instagram analytics Our free Instagram account checkup is great for a quick glimpse into what’s working on your Instagram account. But there’s so much more you can do. What if you want to look at another Instagram account? Or dig further into more comprehensive metrics? Or analyze a hashtag? Then you should takeMore