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It can be hard to keep up with the addition of new Instagram features, especially since it might be a while between the time they are announced and the time they are rolled out widely enough for you to have access to them. With that in mind, we rounded up all of the latest updates weMore

We build the analytics around here so it’s easy for us to get caught up in things from that end of the spectrum. With that in mind, we’re reaching out to some different perspectives on using social media, from Instagram influencers to podcasters and more. This is a guest post from Tabitha Lipkin, a FoxMore

Lowe’s has been highlighted for their creative approach on social media before, using Vine (RIP) for some neat 6-second DIY videos. Now they’re taking DIY projects to Instagram Stories, fitting a makeover for a tiny room into the dimensions of an Instagram Story. As PSFK writes: “The closet-like room matches the dimensions of the InstagramMore

A strong, cohesive visual content marketing presence goes a long way toward strengthening and enhancing your brand’s social presence as a whole. The first step in building your visual content marketing is using images in your social posts to their full potential. So with that in mind, we thought we’d share some tips for usingMore

Hashtags are the ultimate discovery metric across most of social, but the best practices do differ for each platform. With that in mind, here are all of our best hashtag tips rounded up in one place so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Got a question about any of them? FindMore

In order to make your visual content marketing truly sing on Instagram, it’s sometimes necessary to tap into apps outside of those created by Instagram themselves (we’ll go over those too). While many of them were shut down when Instagram changed its API access, there are still a few around worth checking out to seeMore