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Get free Twitter analytics from Union Metrics! Introducing a brand new way to get quick answers to your biggest Twitter questions with our free snapshot report. Analyze recent conversation about anything on Twitter – your account, your competitors, a campaign, a hashtag, a trend, a Tweet. Really, any topic you can think of.

In just seconds, our free Twitter snapshot report will help you:

  • Quickly estimate the size and scope of any Twitter conversation
  • Measure potential reach and impressions to see how something spreads
  • Identify contributors in a conversation, including the top influencers
  • Learn which Tweets generated the most engagement
  • Generate a transcript of Tweets about any topic
  • Create a simple, elegant report you can share with your colleagues

Want to see how you’re doing on Twitter?

Perfect for quick, digestible metrics on recent Twitter activity around a hashtag, Tweet, keyword or account, Union Metrics Twitter snapshots provide insight into metrics such as reach, impressions, top Tweets and contributors. They’re fast, free and include up to 100 Tweets from the past few days.

  • Any Tweet, any topic

    Search for any keyword, hashtag, URL, phrase or username to analyze recent Twitter activity

  • Quick analytics

    In just a few seconds, get metrics on potential reach and impressions, Tweet volumes and more

  • Influencers at a glance

    See who’s been talking about any topic on Twitter and find out who’s spreading the word

  • Perfect for sharing

    Easily share your snapshot with a link, PDF or CSV so others can see how you’re doing

Need more than just a snapshot?

Snapshots are just the beginning of what we can do at Union Metrics. We also offer comprehensive Twitter analytics designed with social marketers in mind. Subscribe to a low-cost Twitter-only plan, or upgrade to our multi-channel Union Metrics Social Suite. Our plans include:

    • Flexible monthly subscription plans for any budget
    • Real-time, ongoing and full-fidelity Twitter data
    • Detailed dashboards and in-depth reporting

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