Union Metrics is now part of Cision

In the spring of 2009 in Austin, Texas, our founders, Hayes Davis and Jenn Deering Davis, wanted to know how many people were reached by tweets about a topic on Twitter. As they talked to more people, it turned out that others wanted to track Twitter reach, too. So that April, we launched a simple site where anyone could get a report of recent Twitter activity. TweetReach was born.

We soon realized there was a huge demand for our brand of in-depth social media analytics, so we decided to go all in and build a company around it. In 2010, we moved to San Francisco, California, the epicenter of social media. In 2011, we hired our first employees.

As demand for social analytics has increased, we’ve grown our product offering to meet that demand, including analytics for Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. And we’re just going to keep building smart metrics on the world’s biggest social channels.

In 2018, Union Metrics merged with TrendKite and Insightpool. Seven months later, in January 2019, Cision acquired TrendKite (along with Union Metrics and Insightpool). And Cision is hiring!