Twitter has been working on its health, diverting resources from product development to “drive healthy conversation” on the platform instead. A lot of articles critiquing or questioning this approach went up last Friday when they reported their latest earnings, but we wanted to focus more on the thread from their product lead Kayvon Beykpour: We’ve heardMore

There has been less talk about the Twitter algorithm than the Facebook or Instagram algorithms lately, but it’s still smart to keep up with the latest that’s understood about how it works and what that might mean for your brand’s strategy. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. What weMore

A Twitter thread is a series of related tweets, often all on the same subject and usually written at the same time. While these aren’t new to Twitter, it was only in December that Twitter created an official capacity for creating threads. Here’s an example that Twitter linked to in their own blog post about them:More

Regular readers of our blog and viewers of our office hours know that we love to encourage a healthy amount of experimentation in your social strategy across platforms. It’s wise to always work from best practices and with the knowledge your data is giving you, but also leave room for ideas that grow out ofMore

Our social media lives are now ruled by algorithms rather than chronological timelines and this has added a new element to social media strategy that ever marketer and social media manager is now well familiar with. Keeping up with the changes can be difficult and time consuming, so we did a little research around theMore

The Twitter hashtag has been in our life for a decade now, to the point that youths probably get confused when automated phone systems ask them to push the pound sign. As reported on Twitter itself, cello classes have certainly been changed forever. MY SISTER TEACHES CELLO SHE REPORTS THAT HER NEW STUDENTS CALL SHARPSMore

We want to help you keep your social media skills sharp over the summer, which can be a slower season for a lot of industries, so we’re kicking off a Social Media Summer School series. (If it’s a busy time for your brand, you can always bookmark these posts to come back to during yourMore

Impressions are one of those often shared-and-touted but less often fully understood social media metrics. We aim to demystify impressions because really understanding them means you can really put those numbers to work for you and your brand. So with that in mind, we want to break down the different types of impressions plus how youMore

When’s the last time you checked in on your Twitter account with some real, hard numbers? Maybe there’s a hashtag you’re curious about, or a keyword in your industry, or a link to a piece you just read or wrote. How far is it traveling on Twitter? Who’s talking about it the most? You canMore