Regular readers of our blog and viewers of our office hours know that we love to encourage a healthy amount of experimentation in your social strategy across platforms. It’s wise to always work from best practices and with the knowledge your data is giving you, but also leave room for ideas that grow out ofMore

It’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and focused on just churning out the content your team needs; sometimes that’s just what has to happen. But let this post serve as a reminder to step back when you can and remember to keep your goals in mind when you’re writing any kind of content,More

Our social media lives are now ruled by algorithms rather than chronological timelines and this has added a new element to social media strategy that ever marketer and social media manager is now well familiar with. Keeping up with the changes can be difficult and time consuming, so we did a little research around theMore

The Twitter hashtag has been in our life for a decade now, to the point that youths probably get confused when automated phone systems ask them to push the pound sign. As reported on Twitter itself, cello classes have certainly been changed forever. MY SISTER TEACHES CELLO SHE REPORTS THAT HER NEW STUDENTS CALL SHARPSMore

Our Social Media Summer School series is coming to a close as Labor Day approaches, so we wanted to make sure you had access to everything we’ve shared in one easy place. So here’s our Social Media Summer School wrap-up, with all of the resources you need in one place, all for free (or theMore

A tweet seems so simple: Just 140 characters, what art is there to something so small? It turns out there’s a lot you can do with that space, so today we’re going over how to write a good tweet. And this isn’t just for those newer to Twitter; any seasoned social media marketer can always useMore

Social changes fast, so even if you’re keeping up with the platform updates we share share each week in The Week in Social, you could miss something that’s a great opportunity for your brand to start testing out immediately. With that in mind we’ve done a simple, quick roundup of all the latest platform updates andMore

We want to help you keep your social media skills sharp over the summer, which can be a slower season for a lot of industries, so we’re kicking off a Social Media Summer School series. (If it’s a busy time for your brand, you can always bookmark these posts to come back to during yourMore

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you as The Week in Social. Read anything good that we missed? Share it with us on Twitter or give us your thoughts at @UnionMetrics.  On video marketing If you’re planning to live-stream yourMore