Your Tumblr topic Trackers just got a lot better. Starting today, all Union Metrics Tumblr topic Trackers now support smarter and better advanced search queries. Use the new search capabilities to create even more relevant Trackers that include only the content you’re looking for. Find the right content among billions of posts Our new TumblrMore

This blog post is part of a series where we’re highlighting some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Today’s post focuses on Tumblr.  Has your Tumblr content strategy gone a little stale? It’s easy to fall into a rut on any channel, even those full of fun GIFs and quirky humor.More

Over the years we’ve taken an in-depth look at a number different communities on Tumblr: how they talk, what they think is funny or poignant, the types of content they’re the most interested in, and more. It’s been a while since we checked in some of Tumblr biggest communities, so we thought we’d take a lookMore

Announcing a big update to our Tumblr analytics!

Big news! If you use our Union Metrics Tumblr analytics, we just rolled out a sweet new update to them - a new top-level account dashboard. We’ve also beefed up two Tracker engagement reports – the posts summary and curators summary. Read the full announcement over on our Tumblr or just log in to your account to see the updates.   And if you’dMore