Think your customers aren’t on social media? We’d urge you to think again. Take, for example, the growing interest in streaming video: “Indeed, research has shown that only a small proportion (3%) of Periscope’s user-base are actually creating and broadcasting content, while the vast majority are purely watchers.” This trend holds true across social media andMore

When faced with the never-ending to-do list that is social media management, it can be easy to forget that it’s the small sustained habits that often lead to big results over time. With that said, here are five habits to make part of your daily routine that will improve your social media presence across channels,More

With endless scrolling on dashboards and eternally extending timelines across all the major social networks- plus the new niche networks social media wranglers are expected to at least check out during our spare time- social media time management can feel like an impossible prospect. Even more so if you’re new to it. So just how do youMore

Even for a well-seasoned social media manager, the seemingly endless stream of social media platform updates can get a little overwhelming. Here’s how to take them all in stride, no matter what changes Facebook or Twitter or Instagram may throw at you. What does this change? Minor updates are obviously nothing to worry about, but someMore

Have you read this new emoji interpretation study just released from researchers at the University of Minnesota? Lots of people have been talking about it this week. It got us to thinking about how brands can, do and should use emoji on social media. As the emoji research paper discusses, emoji have increased in popularity over theMore

Crisis communication isn’t new, but handling crises over social media still is. Over the years on this blog, we’ve talked about several different types of crisis situations and how to respond to them on social, but we’re due for an update. Got a question about social media crisis communication you don’t see covered here? Tell us about itMore

Mistakes are inevitable, even on the best social media accounts. Some mistakes are more common than others, however, but being aware of them is the first step to fixing them! Make these small tweaks today to increase engagement with your fans and followers. 1. Posting the exact same content across social media channels We say it soMore

Nobody knows what it’s like to be a Social Media Manager better than another Social Media Manager, right? Our very own SMM Sarah A. Parker is here to share her own perspective to help other SMMs with the tricky moments in their roles. Got a question, comment or concern? Find her on Twitter @SparkerWorks orMore

A key part of any social listening program is spotting trends, conversations or issues that are out of the ordinary. Anything that seems different is worth investigating. So how do you identify those issues? How do you know what to look for? One of the best ways to find these trends is to look for hashtagsMore