New platforms can be intimidating to brands, not just because of logistics but because of the risk of making a mistake that could potentially pollute their brand’s image. So while we always advocate for leaving room for experimentation in any brand’s social media marketing plans, we also acknowledge that brands can take that experimentation asMore

You’ve got to be where your audience is in order to reach them, and for colleges and universities that means plenty of experimenting with different approaches on social media in order to attract and retain students, up through alumni status. So which higher education institutes are doing this well? We took a look around to see whoMore

Even for a well-seasoned social media manager, the seemingly endless stream of social media platform updates can get a little overwhelming. Here’s how to take them all in stride, no matter what changes Facebook or Twitter or Instagram may throw at you. What does this change? Minor updates are obviously nothing to worry about, but someMore

Every week we feature a different social media marketing Campaign We Love here on the blog- and on our Tumblr too!- and we thought we’d gather the very best here in case you’re in need of a little campaign inspiration. They’re applicable for any content marketing inspiration and even go over the little things thatMore

It’s easy to get so busy doing for others that your own needs get neglected, and that’s as true of agencies as it is of anything. Take these steps now to refresh your own social media marketing strategy and do for yourself the important things you’re always taking care of for your clients, or encouragingMore

We’ll be at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego this week! Billed as the world’s largest social media conference, SMMW features all kinds of exciting social media marketing content, presenters and brands. It’ll be a great time and we’re excited to be a part of it. Will you be there? Come find us inMore

Is one of your social media accounts outshining all of your others, consistently getting much higher interaction and engagement? Do you find that your content performs much better on one social channel than the others? Here are the questions you need to ask to figure out why one is working so well and how youMore

Instagram is known for being one of the social platforms with more aspirational content, which makes this campaign from Sonic all the more interesting. Working with Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) they’ve developed square versions of their new Creamery shakes that will be available for purchase- and delivery!- at Coachella. Why square? Because of Instagram (evenMore

Mistakes are inevitable, even on the best social media accounts. Some mistakes are more common than others, however, but being aware of them is the first step to fixing them! Make these small tweaks today to increase engagement with your fans and followers. 1. Posting the exact same content across social media channels We say it soMore

Nobody knows what it’s like to be a Social Media Manager better than another Social Media Manager, right? Our very own SMM Sarah A. Parker is here to share her own perspective to help other SMMs with the tricky moments in their roles. Got a question, comment or concern? Find her on Twitter @SparkerWorks orMore