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Wineries are perfect for social media – you’re working with a delicious product in a beautiful setting, and content is abundant. However, promoting an alcohol brand on social does come with a set of challenges. To help with that, we’ve written a social media marketing guide specifically for wine and winery marketers. Our free guide can help you improveMore

No matter what industry you’re in you can always benefit from examples of creativity in social media marketing from any other industry. We took a look at some alcohol brands going beyond the standard product shot on their social feeds to really engage their fans, followers and customers with creative social marketing. Consider how you couldMore

Alcohol brands have a tricky balance to achieve with their social media presence between being accessible to customers, fans and followers while simultaneously keeping out those who are too young to legally explore their product offerings. So how do you achieve this balance? We took a look at how several different alcohol brands approach itMore

At Union Metrics, our customers are some of the smartest and most innovative social media marketers in the business. Whenever we can, we like to learn from those smart folks about how they use social media and share those lessons with you. We spoke with Patsy McGaughy, Communications Director at Napa Valley Vintners, about howMore

Do you remember what you said you’d do “One day” on Twitter, maybe five years ago? Virgin Atlantic does, and they just might send you on a trip to do it. Per PSFK: “The airline recently launched its ‘One Day’ campaign, which pulls user tweets that begin with ‘One day I will…’ and broadcasts themMore

Are you a destination or tourism marketer? If so, you might be interested in our brand new – free – social media strategy guide. Destination marketers face a unique set of challenges and opportunities when using social media to attract visitors. Social media is the perfect platform for reaching potential travelers, but how can you most effectivelyMore

Social media allows anyone to talk about a brand. This is one of the great and terrifying promises of social media; it’s democratic and open. For a brand, this promise can be scary – what will customers say if given the opportunity and mouthpiece to say whatever they want? But just as it’s scary, it’sMore

Nathan’s Famous 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest is almost here and the Coney Island hot dog stand is celebrating its centennial anniversary on top of this All-American event. As the only stand that has lasted through a century of change on the boardwalk, they rely on nostalgia as a major backbone of their marketing, weaving itMore

New platforms can be intimidating to brands, not just because of logistics but because of the risk of making a mistake that could potentially pollute their brand’s image. So while we always advocate for leaving room for experimentation in any brand’s social media marketing plans, we also acknowledge that brands can take that experimentation asMore

You’ve got to be where your audience is in order to reach them, and for colleges and universities that means plenty of experimenting with different approaches on social media in order to attract and retain students, up through alumni status. So which higher education institutes are doing this well? We took a look around to see whoMore