In an idea world you could just pull up a screen and it would show you a perfect single sentiment your audience was feeling- thrilled, happy, neutral, angry- and exactly what you needed to do in order to encourage or fix it. Unfortunately, technology is not quite there yet— but we do have a pretty goodMore

People are talking about your brand, sure, but what are they really saying? Sentiment analysis is trying to solve this problem. And while it’s far from perfect- sarcasm is still hard for some people to detect online too- it’s the best way there currently is to keep tabs on the feelings around your brand over time.More

We’ve written about crisis communication quite a bit over the years, especially how a comprehensive social listening program can help identify issues before they become bigger problems. Now that we’ve added sentiment analysis to our Social Suite, we wanted to explore exactly what sentiment data can do for crisis communication across all stages. Got aMore

Monitoring the size and momentum of a conversation on social media is great. But to really know how successful a campaign was or how well your brand is performing, you need to know more than just how much people are talking about you – you need to know what people are saying. What topics areMore