Summer is synonymous with travel. If you’re a hotel marketer, you’re probably in the midst of your busy season right now, resorts and hotels specifically. Let us help you make it through with our best six Instagram tips for resort and hotel brands. Got a question? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. 1. Decide what story you wantMore

Sure, everyone knows about #TBT, but what about hashtags more specific to the travel, tourism industries? What about destination marketers? How do you find the best travel hashtags on Instagram in order to start using them? Hashtag discovery is key to success on Instagram, after all. Fortunately we know exactly how to find these hashtagsMore

Should your brand be geotagging your posts on Instagram? Yes! This not only lets interested profile viewers know exactly where your store is located, where your office is or where your products are sold, it lets them know it’s a place they can tag on their own posts too if they’re so inclined. So howMore

We’ve talked a lot about hashtag strategy and how it’s smart to combine large popular hashtags with smaller niche hashtags to maximize your content’s reach, especially on Instagram. Today we wanted to go a little more into why it’s so important to find the right niche hashtags for your posts and how to find them. A great place toMore

In case you missed it, we recently rolled out geo reports (alongside comment reporting) available through the Union Metrics Social Suite. So what exactly can you learn from geo reporting? We’ll share several different ways to use it, and the first is what brands can learn from customer geotags. Got a question, comment or concern? See usMore

Our CEO Hayes Davis just attended SocialPro 2016 in Seattle and gave a presentation on Instagram, which you may have guessed was titled Instagram Insta-Success: Advanced Edition, based on the title of this post. We thought we’d share the highlights and most helpful takeaways with you here. Were you at SocialPro? Tell us what your takeaways are overMore

Does your Instagram presence fit in with the rest of your visual content marketing strategy? Your social accounts don’t live in vacuums; they need to fit the language and culture of each platform your brand is on while still being easily identifiable as you to the fans and followers who find you there. Our brandMore