In order to make your visual content marketing truly sing on Instagram, it’s sometimes necessary to tap into apps outside of those created by Instagram themselves (we’ll go over those too). While many of them were shut down when Instagram changed its API access, there are still a few around worth checking out to seeMore

Few of us can just throw a video up on Instagram and call it a day, guaranteed to see success from adoring fans and followers. We’ve got to be a little more strategic about our decisions, which is why we’ve put together these tips for you to perfect your Instagram video strategy. Got a questionMore

We’ve covered a lot of Instagram territory over the years- and especially since we launched our Instagram analytics- so we thought we’d round up all of the most recent and useful pieces in one place for your easy reference. Consider this our best Instagram advice for brands. Got a question about something you don’t see here?More

Fall on Instagram involves a lot of changing foliage and decorative gourds, but inspired marketing doesn’t have to stay inside those pumpkin parameters. We found a few great fall campaigns on Instagram worth learning from. Seen one we don’t cover here? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Vineyards sharing their fall harvest Our friends at Napa ValleyMore

We can’t say it enough: Hashtags are the key to discoverability on Instagram. One of the best ways to get your content discovered by new viewers- while also getting inspiration for your own content going forward- is to experiment with using new hashtags. You don’t just want to slap any old hashtags on your nextMore

Last Thursday marked the official first day of fall and even if the weather in your area isn’t cooperating with what the calendar says, social media is enthusiastically embracing the change of seasons, including the breweries. If pumpkin beer isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of Oktoberfest-ing and other seasonal brewery activities to get excitedMore

We’ve noted many times that hashtags are the key to discovery on Instagram. We also know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using the same hashtags on your Instagram posts once you figure out which ones your community uses and you establish a good posting cadence. It’s important to take a littleMore

Instagram just rolled out the ability to pinch and zoom in on photos this week and brands are already taking advantage of the ability in their posts. Adweek covered 11 brands who are already experimenting with the feature, also noting: “‘With the zoom feature, there needs to be some inherent reason to look at anMore

You’ve seen all the buzz about Instagram Stories this week and probably watched a few of the Stories at the top of your feed, but maybe you’re still not sure when you should use Stories versus posting to Instagram as you regularly do. It’s a cool new feature, especially if you don’t have time toMore

Experimenting with different content formats across your social presence is important, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with all of the different options available. If you’ve been curious about trying out Instagram’s app Boomerang, here are a few ideas for when to use it: Replace a GIF: Any action thatMore