Hashtag Tracking as we once knew it on Instagram is dead. So what now? How does your brand track a campaign or run a contest? Fortunately there’s a better way that’s just as easy to execute: Using tagging and mentions on Instagram.  We’ll break it all down. Got questions or something we missed? Find usMore

Hashtag tracking on Instagram as we have always known it is essentially dead. Tracking competitor and influencer profiles the way we’ve know it is definitely dead. So what’s a brand to do in this brave new world of Instagram marketing? The good news is the new Instagram Graph API is actually more robust than theMore

Good news! We’ve just added a ton of new insights data to our Instagram profile analytics. Union Metrics Instagram Trackers now include reach and impressions, even more detailed engagement reporting, story metrics, and follower analysis including demographics. You can now: Understand how your stories perform Determine which posts drive the most impressions for your account Learn whoMore