Have you tried our brand new Twitter snapshot report yet? You should! Our newest free analytics tool is a quick snapshot report with analysis on recently posted tweets about anything. Simply enter a search term, and you’ll get a report in just seconds that tells you about potential reach and impressions, tweet volumes and velocity, topMore

We’re so excited to introduce our brand new free Twitter snapshot report. Wondering how you’re doing on Twitter? Want to see the reach of a hashtag or find out who’s talking about a particular topic? Run one of our snapshot reports for quick and free Twitter analytics on recently posted tweets. Try it now, for free!More

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Did you know we also provide Instagram analytics at Union Metrics? We do! In addition to the TweetReach Twitter analytics you know and love, we offer a number of social media analytics for other platforms, including Instagram. And we’ve just launched a brand new – FREE – Instagram account checkup that lets you see how you’reMore