The Boston Marathon is an iconic event, and not just for runners. Marathon Monday is celebrated by runners the world over. This year Adidas is celebrating each and every Boston Marathon runner- and its 30-year partnership with the Boston Athletic Association- by creating a personalized video for every single one of them. That’s 30,000 videos. MarketingMore

The fitness industry is not particularly known for having a sense of humor, especially when it comes to advertising for protein supplements and bars. It’s mostly a sea of buff torsos and boasts of protein gram counts. KIND bars have always advertised based on their “real food” ingredients and now they’re carrying that approach over toMore

Finding the right running shoes for your particular feet can be a nightmare endeavor, as runners of all levels know. You find one you love and they discontinue it. You get injured and realize you were wearing the wrong type of shoe for months or even years because you never got a gait analysis orMore

4 things for personal fitness brands to consider in building their brand

We’ve looked at how brands provide virtual support for fans and followers of all levels looking to live an active lifestyle, and wanted to look at how personal fitness brands approach the same audiences. It’s challenging to connect to an audience across levels of interest and ability that might be drawn to a personal brand forMore

Just do it, online: How brands can provide virtual fitness support

Everyone’s motivational style is a little different, but everyone loves getting encouragement for the hard work they do, especially if they mostly train alone for races or other sporting events. Many fitness-related brands have figured this out and work motivational and supportive content into their visual marketing. It looks a little something like this: ClockwiseMore

Pump your fitness up with social media support

Social networks evolved out of a desire to connect and share in a new way with people already in our lives, then further evolved as a way to reach out to new people we want to add to our lives, sometimes both online and off. Using these networks to seek out those with similar goalsMore