Statistics around Facebook video viewing show that most users watch videos with the sound off (85% according to this Digiday piece from 2016), but not all best practices apply to your brand. How do you determine if adding captions to your Facebook videos is worth it for your brand? Let’s walk through it. Got questionsMore

Announcing the latest addition to Union Metrics: Facebook competitor reporting! Starting today, Union Metrics subscribers can analyze their competitors’ Facebook pages alongside their own Facebook pages. Use this competitive intel to benchmark your progress, learn from what leaders in your industry do, and see how you measure up on Facebook. Competitive intel is key to successMore

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and they can be tricky to keep up with if it’s not your job to know everything that’s new. Fortunately for you that is our job and we’re happy to share our knowledge! So without further ado, here’s everything that’s new with Facebook so far this year. Got aMore

Last year we spent the month of November experimenting with our approach to Facebook and we wrote about our results in the appropriately titled 5 things we learned from our November Facebook experiment. A lot has changed with Facebook since then and we’ve been experimenting with new approaches and features accordingly. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.More

This blog post is part of a multi-part series where we’re going to highlight some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Here’s Facebook.  First things first: Set up your baseline In order to boost engagement on any platform, you need a baseline to start from. So the firstMore

It’s no secret that Facebook is prioritizing video in its News Feed algorithm and ever since we ran our Facebook November Experiment we found video performs best for us, as well. (Always test best practices on your specific audience, after all.) Months later, video still performs better for us than any other form of content we’veMore

In an effort to practice more of what we preach, we spent the month of November trying some different things out on our Union Metrics Facebook Page to see what works for us organically – we didn’t boost any posts for the whole month – and we thought we’d share those results with you here.More

As Facebook increasingly serves as the hub for most brands’ social presence, it’s important for brands to proactively connect with fans and influencers on the platform, rather than just waiting for customer to half-heartedly “Like” their page after a transaction. So how, exactly, do you go about finding fans and influencers? We’re glad you asked! HereMore

10 winning strategies for brands on Facebook

Even though Facebook is currently the most widely-used social network on the planet with more than 1.3 billion users, it’s not always easy for brands on Facebook to know how to create relevant content that reaches the widest audience. Not only is Facebook itself always changing how it displays page content, but users are constantly using Facebook inMore