Holiday Campaigns We Love

It’s a weird in-between-holidays time for a lot of us, so we thought we’d take a moment to look at our favorite holiday Campaigns We Love this year and what made them work (or not). Got something we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Google’s Home Alone Hitting the perfect mix of nostalgiaMore

Summer is winding down (at least we hear it does that in places outside of Texas) and kids are heading back to school soon, so we rounded up some of our favorite back-to-school campaigns to talk about what makes them work and what other brands can learn from them. Got questions or something we missed?More

It’s National Yeti Awareness Week, and you can help save the increasingly endangered Yeti through a comprehensive campaign put on by Great Divide Brewing. Happy National Yeti Awareness Week! Visit to see how you can help save the life of Yeti and enter to win our epic prize pack including gear from @YETICoolers, @OutdoorTech,More

If you’re a regular reader of our Campaigns We Love series, you’ll have noticed a theme in our chosen campaigns over the last few weeks as Halloween approached (it has been very spooky). We gathered all of our favorite Halloween campaigns here so you can get inspired for all of your holiday marketing needs, whetherMore

Avocados are delicious, but there’s not a lot of interaction with them beyond cutting them up and eating them. Avocados from Mexico have changed that with a new interactive game that looks like it’s on an iPhone even though it’s on a desktop. It’s a top-secret “found phone” that lets you in on the Avocado SecretMore

A lot of companies sell shirts based on pop culture moments, but few put as much care into their products as Jordanené, a small company based in Brooklyn: “All of our products are sweatshop-free and screen printed by us in Brooklyn. Our designs are hand-lettered with a traditional brush and ink. The aprons and crayon bandoliers areMore

Brands are inextricably part of the communities they physically exist in, even if they’re big international brands. But it’s a lot harder to be an active part of that community when you’re headquartered hundreds or even thousands of miles away. That’s why it’s a smart move for brands to have a system in place forMore

Finding the right running shoes for your particular feet can be a nightmare endeavor, as runners of all levels know. You find one you love and they discontinue it. You get injured and realize you were wearing the wrong type of shoe for months or even years because you never got a gait analysis orMore

Regulars on the cereal aisle have probably noticed something big missing from the Cheerios boxes: Buzz, their bee mascot. Buzz’s absence is a purposeful move by the brand, meant to highlight the declining number of bees in the wild, further tying into their larger campaign to #BringBackTheBees. After all, the honey in their cereal dependsMore

Hotel concierges can help travelers with all manner of things, but Westin wanted to take it a step- or several and not just walking ones- further, hiring a Westin Running Concierge in 2013. And what, exactly, does a Running Concierge do? “His primary responsibility is to serve as the running expert and customer service agentMore