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Just a few more days until the Super Bowl! We’ve been monitoring all the advertisers across social media as they’ve teased or unveiled their commercials for the big game. There are currently 41 official Super Bowl advertisers, which includes Pepsi, who is sponsoring the halftime show. Of the 40 brands running commercials, 34 of themMore

For an agency, one of the most important aspects of any new business pitch is information. To win a new client, you have to first do your homework. The more you know about a potential client’s business and current marketing, PR or social media strategy, the better prepared you will be to address their biggestMore

For a while now we’ve been writing over on our Tumblr about great social media campaigns we’ve seen in the wild, and we thought you’d like to get a little inspiration from them too. See a great campaign? Tell us about it! You can find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. TakisUSA has a great storytelling campaign goingMore

From time to time, our Editor-in-Chief Jenn Deering Davis gets a bee in her bonnet about a trend in social media, marketing or analytics. Occasionally one of those bees leads to a new edition of the editor’s column. This is one of those times.  This week, we learned that Twitter is considering adding some length toMore

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including marketers; you’ve got execute the campaign you meticulously planned out months ago, and hope your Instagram audience responds the way you want them to. So how do you get your brand heard over the hustle and bustle of all the #jingle #bells? We’ve gathered up someMore

Amazon Prime Day on Twitter

So, how big a deal was Amazon Prime Day today? There certainly was a lot of hype leading up to it. How did it turn out? Let’s see what Twitter thought. On Wednesday, July 15, there were 252,000 tweets about Amazon Prime Day, from more than 145,000 different Twitter accounts. These tweets have generated more thanMore

The most popular #BlackFriday hashtags (and the most mentioned brands!) on Twitter

Whether you’re scouring for deals on social, or you’re a brand who’s trying to get the word out about them, check out these top ten hashtags around the Black Friday conversation on Twitter: #BlackFriday #CyberMonday #KohlsSweeps #deals #giveaway #sale #Samsung #Christmas #Thanksgiving #Retail What sales are being talked about the most? Here are the ten most-mentioned brands and productsMore

3 ways DiGiorno reacted well to their Twitter crisis

It happens. Brands tweet first and check the meaning behind a hashtag or topic later; never a good idea. The latest installment came from DiGiorno Pizza when they jumped on a trending hashtag without checking its origin first: Unfortunately, it was a hashtag on which women were sharing their experiences with domestic violence. When many who sawMore

Super Bowl XLVIII: Brands on Twitter

On Friday we took a look at all the brand chatter on Twitter leading up to last night’s blowout Super Bowl game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The lack of action on the field turned a lot of faces toward their second screen instead, and made for some entertaining brand interactions (MarketingMore

#CES2014: Brands are back in the big picture

We took an early look at the #CES2014 tweets last week, and now we’re back to give you the bigger picture of everything that happened in Vegas (it doesn’t stay there if you put it on Twitter, and especially if you hashtag it). From the lead up to the show- we started tracking on JanuaryMore