Earlier this week we guest hosted #ChatGram on Twitter, talking about the Instagram algorithm: What we know about how it works, some tactics we’ve seen influencers using in the wild to boost their engagement around it, and how brands can borrow from those tactics. In case you missed the chat or just want all ofMore

A lot of campaigns tap into UGC, but the HitRECord community exists solely because of collaboration: Artists, photographers and more come together to create projects in a new kind of production company headed up by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL). For Father’s Day, they’ve teamed up with Instagram, asking anyone who comes across the post toMore

Platform updates roll out at a fairly fast and furious pace, so it’s possible you might have missed the ability to go hands-free in your Instagram Stories. If you haven’t been using it and you do a lot of video sharing in your Instagram Stories- or would do more if you didn’t have to pressMore

Building an Instagram following can seem daunting, especially in the current era of Instagram influencer marketing, where those influencers have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. It can be tempting to skip ahead by buying some Instagram followers as either a personal or traditional brand, but that’s not a good idea for severalMore

Certain things have an advantage on Instagram because they photograph so well, food and drink being high on that list. A multicolored “unicorn” trend has been establishing itself across social lately, showing up in everything from hair and nails to the kitchen. Popular coffee, beverage and food chain Starbucks has capitalized on both of theseMore

Beauty and food are two of the biggest categories on Instagram and for good reason, since they both photograph fabulously in endless combinations. Beauty brand Birchbox (a monthly beauty box subscription service and online store) and NYC’s Black Tap (craft burgers, beer and “crazy shakes”) teamed up to create a custom crazy shake based onMore

Platforms are always releasing new features and it can be hard to keep up, even if you’re a┬ásocial media super-user. With that in mind we took a look at what we thought were the most interesting new social features launched so far in 2017. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on TwitterMore

We’ve written a lot about Instagram over the years so periodically we like to gather and update that advice, adding in new information around platform updates and shifts in best practices. Consider this the latest and greatest in our Instagram advice for brands. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.More

Are two brands better than one? They can be when it comes to a social contest, using their combined audiences to pull in more attention and traffic that hopefully ends in some new enthusiastic fans and followers for each other. Guinness and Airbnb are currently engaged in just that, teaming up to give away aMore