On Tuesday the TrendKite team wrapped up the #PRSAICON 2018 conference in Austin, Texas. We thought we’d share some of our favorite highlights. Got questions or something we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter! Big ideas Several themes came up over and over again, one of which was having purpose in your work, particularlyMore

Holiday marketing can be tricky: The competition for limited consumer attention seems even steeper this time of year, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of false sentiments your audience will most likely see through, running the risk of putting them off of your brand. We rounded up the best Thanksgiving campaigns we cameMore

Amidst all of the fancy #foodstagrams and perfectly lit, artful #brunch shots on Instagram there is also #unphotogenicfood. By most brand standards, that’s exactly what Domino’s Instagram feed is: Amateur shots of greasy pizza boxes rather than the cleaner, hopelessly aspirational shots of all its fast food brethren. And the reality is refreshing. What youMore

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you as The Week in Social. Read anything good that we missed? Share it with us on Twitter or give us your thoughts at @UnionMetrics.  On what brands need to know We talk aboutMore

Our Social Media Manager, Sarah A. Parker, likes to opine on all things social media from time to time, so we’ve given her space to do just that here on our blog. She’ll cover everything from the new and unusual to the outdated and annoying. Got something she missed our something you’d like her toMore

Consumers increasingly want to do business with brands whose values match their own. Chances are your brand has some strong values around it from its founding, or that you can think of when you think of your team. By clearly communicating these values, you can strengthen your relationship with your existing customers and attract new,More