The Olympic stories being shared on Twitter

Medals are being tallied by country and events are winding down as the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics approaches– and we’re keeping an eye on it all on Twitter. Since our last update, tweets around the Sochi Olympics have nearly doubled: 30k tweets have now been posted with the hashtag #SochiOlympics since February 6th.More

#SochiProblems slows down while general Olympic chatter picks up

#SochiProblems slows down, but doesn’t stop. As the 2014 Olympic Winter Games got officially underway over the weekend, mentions of #SochiProblems finally went into decline, as the general conversation around the event itself picked up. Friday we shared updated #SochiProblems numbers, and though daily #SochiProblems tweets have gone down (that peaked on Friday with overMore

#SochiProblems just keep rolling in

Sochi has a lot more than 99 problems, it would seem. We wrote about the #SochiProblems hashtag yesterday and we’ve continued to dig into the numbers more. Since the first #SochiProblems tweet was sent on January 31st, more thanĀ 130k tweets have been sent with the hashtag by 81k different people, reaching over 50 million uniqueMore

The Winter Olympics are having #SochiProblems

The Olympics pose a challenge no matter which country is hosting the winter or summer games, and Russia has seen its fair share of stumbles this week as press started to arrive and found their hotels incomplete or lacking essentials such as usable water, among other things. Tweets like the one above quickly started usingMore