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Here’s a campaign you might not expect: In France, Netflix put up character billboards that fans could face-swap with, using the Snapchat face-swapping feature. That’s a completely fantastic way to combine social marketing with physical, real-world marketing. And the users took it multi-channel, sharing their face-swaps on Twitter La bonne idée ?! #daredevil #houseofcards #oitnbMore

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you. Read anything good that we missed? Share it with us on Twitter or give us your thoughts at @UnionMetrics. On video and other content marketing If you’re considering which kinds of video toMore

At Union Metrics we work hard to build the best products we can in the world of social media analytics, and that takes a lot of different talents. So one employee at a time we’re sharing what a day in the life of our jobs is like.  Seeing a name like “Customer Support Representative” givesMore

Does your Instagram presence fit in with the rest of your visual content marketing strategy? Your social accounts don’t live in vacuums; they need to fit the language and culture of each platform your brand is on while still being easily identifiable as you to the fans and followers who find you there. Our brandMore

If you have a Union Metrics subscription, you’re probably pretty familiar with our Trackers. But how much do you know about them really? There’s a lot we could tell you about Trackers, but today’s quick tip is around Tracker detail reports. Basically everything in your Tracker is clickable. That means every username, hashtag, URL, avatar, everything.More

This blog post is part of a series where we’re highlighting some of our favorites ways to get more engagement on our favorite social media. Today’s post focuses on Tumblr.  Has your Tumblr content strategy gone a little stale? It’s easy to fall into a rut on any channel, even those full of fun GIFs and quirky humor.More

As video has become more prominent across social media platforms, beauty brands have been smart to capitalize on this new horizon for beauty tutorials as part of their content plans. We’ve looked at NARS going 360-degrees with theirs, but the biggest issue with 360-degree video is that you can’t repurpose the content on other platforms— yet.More

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or come find us on Twitter at @UnionMetrics. On platform updates If you’re looking to get into Facebook Instant Articles, this piece from Tamas Torok for SocialMore

Even for a well-seasoned social media manager, the seemingly endless stream of social media platform updates can get a little overwhelming. Here’s how to take them all in stride, no matter what changes Facebook or Twitter or Instagram may throw at you. What does this change? Minor updates are obviously nothing to worry about, but someMore

Since we’re right in the middle of the NBA and NHL playoffs, we thought it was time to check in with Twitter and see how and what some of the leagues’ top teams are doing. Here’s a list of some of our favorite basketball and hockey teams on Twitter and why we love them, in noMore