Do recent privacy laws have you feeling confused about how you can use social data? To successfully reach your target audience, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive social listening program in place so you can gather valuable data and insights that can inform your strategy. But with Facebook’s latest changes to the Instagram API andMore

Measuring influence is one of the hottest topics in social media marketing right now, which means there’s a lot of advice— and a lot of confusion. We’ve written about how you can identify the right type of influencer for your brand before, but we wanted to get into more of how you measure the impact ofMore

Spoiler alert: As with most things, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all answer. The optimum length for your Story is going to vary based on what your audience wants to see from you. Fans of a celebrity might be happy to watch them max out their Story monologuing about their day, for example, while another brandMore

We spend the week reading the best things we can get our eyeballs on and on Fridays we share them here with you as The Week in Social.  Read anything good that we missed? Share it with us on Twitter or give us your thoughts at @UnionMetrics. On Instagram strategy If you struggle to keep upMore

Our offices will be closed on Monday (that’s Monday, May 28th) for a long Memorial Day weekend. So if you have any questions, please allow us a little extra time to return your calls and emails. We’ll be back to normal support hours on Tuesday, May 29th! If you do need anything, you can get in touch with us inMore

The world of social listening is evolving pretty quickly right now. In just the past two months, the social media landscape has been forever changed by the activities of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s response to it, the new regulations surrounding GDPR, and more. Brands no longer have unfettered access to public Instagram posts for hashtag listening.More

If you haven’t played with all of the different modes available in Instagram Stories- or you have a little but aren’t quite sure what to do with them for your brand- we wanted to break it down for you quickly and accessibly. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. What’s the emojiMore

You want your brand to be easy to find on Facebook so your fans, followers and customers can answer their questions or yell at you, accordingly. But how, exactly, does the Facebook search work? The News Feed keeps getting updated, so is search changing too? We had the same questions, so we did a little researchMore

Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, chances are you’ve heard of Steph Curry. It’s a mark of the sport that he’s considered smaller at 6’3″- the average professional player is around 6’7″- and ESPN had some fun debuting their latest campaign around the idea of smaller guys being the ones currently playing some ofMore