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TweetReach’s top 10 posts in 2013

First we want to thank you for reading and sharing our posts this past year, and we look forward to 2014. Announcing our new reach algorithm How the new Twitter API updates will impact TweetReach reports 7 tips to maximize your conference attendance using Twitter  3 ways to increase your share of voice on TwitterMore

What Black Friday sales is Twitter most excited about this year?

As we like to do every year around this time, we’re checking into what Twitter is saying about holiday shopping, particularly around Black Friday. This past weekend- a full week before Black Friday officially starts- things were starting to really accelerate on Twitter, with an average of about 5,000 tweets an hour posted about BlackMore

10 SXSWi 2013 panels you won’t want to miss

We already mentioned that we’ll be at SXSWi- now just a mere two weeks away!- and we’d love to see you, so drop us a line in the comments if you’ll be there and let us know if you’re hosting an event or participating in a panel. Speaking of panels, we’ve got some suggestions forMore

FX’s ‘Archer’ nails it with social media

Archer’s 4th season premieres on FX on January 17th, but fans going through withdrawal have had something special to keep them occupied while waiting for the new episodes – FX set up some very entertaining social media accounts for three of the show’s main characters. In honor of the upcoming new season, we thought we’dMore

The AP sells sponsored tweets to Samsung during CES

And we took a look at one of them. This week, the Associated Press decided to sell sponsored tweets during the annual CES tech trade show on its @AP Twitter account. A lot of blogs and news outlets discussed the ads, but actual engagement with the sponsored tweets was quite low. Here’s one of the tweetsMore

Marketing the end of the world

The world may be ending tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal out of it. On Friday December 21st, the Mayan Long Count Calendar completes a cycle (a b’ak’tun, if you want to get technical about it) which doomsday-ers decided means the end of the world, and naturally everyone is talkingMore

How a monkey in a coat became an overnight social media sensation

Excerpted from the Union Metrics Tumblr: Let’s take a look at the little guy better known as the IKEA monkey, and see how posts about him spread across the social web. Here he is, in what might be the original photo posted by dzd_lisa on Instagram: Isn’t he cute? That original Instagram photo was firstMore

Your in America: Overnight Twitter sensation teaches grammar and Twitter reach

The latest Twitter account to enchant us all, seemingly overnight, is bringing delight to grammar enthusiasts everywhere: “Your In America Bot” (@YourInAmerica) swoops in on unsuspecting offenders of the English language, who are, entertainingly, mostly trying to shame others for not speaking English. Created on November 23rd, @YourinAmerica counted just under 15k followers only fiveMore