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Social Trends Posts

When’s the last time you checked in on your Twitter account with some real, hard numbers? Maybe there’s a hashtag you’re curious about, or a keyword in your industry, or a link to a piece you just read or wrote. How far is it traveling on Twitter? Who’s talking about it the most? You canMore

Platforms are always releasing new features and it can be hard to keep up, even if you’re a social media super-user. With that in mind we took a look at what we thought were the most interesting new social features launched so far in 2017. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on TwitterMore

Today’s a big day for a company that’s pretty important to us at Union Metrics. Twitter turns 11 today! We’ve been with Twitter since the very early days and still use it constantly to keep up with what’s going on in the world, share our thoughts with friends, and find all the best Steph Curry clips. (BTW, ifMore

We asked our ATX team for some of their highlights from their SXSWi 2017 and here were their takeaways. Were you in town? Tell us about your takeaways on Twitter @UnionMetrics. On women in tech Our Sales Rep Frankie was really impressed with The Female Quotient’s Girls’ Lounge. Their mission is to create equality in theMore

Our Social Media Manager, Sarah A. Parker, likes to opine on all things social media from time to time, so we’ve given her space to do just that here on our blog. She’ll cover everything from the new and unusual to the outdated and annoying. Got something she missed our something you’d like her toMore

Which social networks do the people who work for a social media analytics company like to visit in their spare time and why? If that’s a question that you’ve ever pondered, we’re here with some answers for you. Got a question, comment or concern? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. We asked: What’s your favorite social mediaMore

The 89th annual Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, so we thought we’d take a look at the conversation on Twitter— but this time looking at advertisers rather than nominated films, actors or actresses. Much like the Super Bowl, advertising during the Oscars is not for the faint of heart or wallet, with spotsMore

Galentine’s Day emerged from the fictional mind of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation as a way for women to celebrate their friendships with one another before Valentine’s Day, and it quickly caught on in popular culture, spreading even beyond fans of the show. Proof? Brands are tapping into the holiday to encourage women toMore

Social media does not sit still. There is always a new platform popping up that Kids Today are using and new features being tested all the time on more established platforms. It can be hard to keep up, even when that’s your job. So how do you which trends are worth experimenting with and incorporatingMore

We’ve been checking in on the conversation around the Big Game ads for the last few weeks, seeing what it was as teasers were released and how it changed as we got closer to kickoff. This year saw a lot of brands deciding to tackle political and social issues in their ads and this approachMore