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Influencers are so hot right now. Whether they’re the big-time celebrities, the YouTube and Instagram influencers who have become celebrities in their own right, or the micro-influencers focused on their own little niches, you can’t scroll a social media timeline without seeing a partnership post. So if you’re a brand, how do you not onlyMore

No matter how long you’ve been on Instagram or which industry you’re in, you can pick up some ideas from the examples in this post to freshen up your approach. Let’s dive in! Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Macro shots Lots of different industries go for macro shots toMore

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to check in on the routines you’ve established around your social media marketing to make sure nothing has slipped through the cracks, or gotten repeatedly left off of the to-do list. (It happens to the best of us.) Make this that time for your brand. YouMore

You can’t log into Instagram without seeing an influencer post somewhere in your feed, and those posts aren’t so uncommon on Twitter or Facebook either. But if you’re the brand, how do you go about finding the right influencer to work with, especially if they’re not a big name you’ve probably already seen working withMore

Do recent privacy laws have you feeling confused about how you can use social data? To successfully reach your target audience, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive social listening program in place so you can gather valuable data and insights that can inform your strategy. But with Facebook’s latest changes to the Instagram API andMore

Measuring influence is one of the hottest topics in social media marketing right now, which means there’s a lot of advice— and a lot of confusion. We’ve written about how you can identify the right type of influencer for your brand before, but we wanted to get into more of how you measure the impact ofMore

Facebook (who owns Instagram, lest we forget) says that Stories are the future, so we thought we’d dig into a little data behind that future and see what it could tell us. This is a very small data sample, so consider it more of a starting point for some experiments for your brand’s Instagram StoriesMore

In an idea world you could just pull up a screen and it would show you a perfect single sentiment your audience was feeling- thrilled, happy, neutral, angry- and exactly what you needed to do in order to encourage or fix it. Unfortunately, technology is not quite there yet— but we do have a pretty goodMore

Our Social Media Manager, Sarah A. Parker, likes to opine on all things social media from time to time, so we’ve given her space to do just that here on our blog. She’ll cover everything from the new and unusual to the outdated and annoying. Got something she missed our something you’d like her toMore

Last week, we co-hosted a webinar with our PR analytics partner, TrendKite, to discuss the use of social data in PR strategies. (Catch the full recording of More than a Retweet on our Resources page.) Marketing and PR have historically been split into separate departments, but with the rise of social media, the two haveMore