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If you’re running an event like a conference, social media provides the perfect venue to help you communicate with attendees, promote your event, and collect important feedback. So how can you take advantage of all that social has to offer, while making sure you’re getting what you need from it? Here are our four waysMore

Social media is a necessary part of a comprehensive marketing plan, and any comprehensive marketing plan needs benchmarks to know where it stands in terms of its competitors and its overall success. Unfortunately, research still indicates that marketers struggle to set and monitor social benchmarks, but fear not if you’re one of them, because we’re hereMore

This article, written by our Editor-in-Chief Jenn Deering Davis, originally appeared on Social Media Examiner and is reposted with permission.  Are you responsible for reporting your social media results? Do you need to develop a reporting system? Knowing who you report to and what metrics they need will help you streamline the process and ensure you’reMore

Hot off the presses, we’ve got a fresh new ebook for you! In this multi-channel social media strategy survival guide, you’ll learn how to improve your social strategy, no matter the social media channels where you spend your time. Based on our experience working with social media’s top brands, as well as data we’ve collected fromMore

If you’ve ever used any Twitter analytics, you’re probably wondering about the difference between types of Twitter impressions. What are potential impressions compared to actual impressions? And why should you can about potential impressions at all? We can answer these questions. Keep reading. First, some definitions. Reach represents the size of the potential unique audience. Reach removes duplicates from the calculationMore

For an agency, one of the most important aspects of any new business pitch is information. To win a new client, you have to first do your homework. The more you know about a potential client’s business and current marketing, PR or social media strategy, the better prepared you will be to address their biggestMore

While the ideal in content marketing is to design every piece of creative specifically for where you intend it to live, not everyone has the resources necessary for that. So let’s talk about how to make the most of the resources you have, and be sure your Facebook content works on Instagram, and vice versa. How youMore

Predictions for social marketing in 2016 were full of the continued growth of social video, and there’s no shortage of blog posts and experts in Twitter chats encouraging brands to do more with video. But once you’ve got your video content marketing plan and started producing and sharing, how do you know it’s working? We’reMore

CES 2016 may have just come to a close, but there are still plenty of lessons to take away from the show and apply to next year or any other conference your brand is attending this year. Have any specific questions we don’t address here? You might want to check out our post about everything you needMore

There are the brands who set the best practices for social platforms, and then there are the brands and individuals who learn from those best practices and blaze their own trail. If you’re looking to infuse a little creativity into your brand’s social strategy across platforms in 2016, we have some inspiration for you! OnMore