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We’ve written- and spoken- about movie marketing several times over the years, so we wanted to put all of our best advice together for easy access. This advice isn’t just for movie marketers either; you can apply the basic strategies to your own brand and industry. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from an unexpected place! And, asMore

These days there are agencies you can hire that work solely to match up influencers and brands, but not every brand can afford- or wants to go- that route. Here’s how to find influencers of different kinds (we’ll review the different types of influencers first) and decide which is just right for a partnership or campaignMore

If there’s one social platform you should experiment on above all others, it’s Facebook. With constant tweaks to the News Feed algorithm, mixing up your Facebook strategy at least a little bit can help keep you in the feeds of your fans and followers. With that said, it still pays to pay attention to theMore

Few of us can just throw a video up on Instagram and call it a day, guaranteed to see success from adoring fans and followers. We’ve got to be a little more strategic about our decisions, which is why we’ve put together these tips for you to perfect your Instagram video strategy. Got a questionMore

Netflix releases shows like they’re movies- all at once- but they have to promote them like good old-fashioned serial television shows in order to keep their existing audience’s attention while also attracting new audience members. That’s a complicated balance to maintain, and their success means that both movie marketers and television marketers can learn from the socialMore

Twitter and the second screen have done a lot for television, expanding our commentary beyond the scope of our living rooms and building digital communities of fans. For showrunners this is huge; live-tweeting encourages people to tune in at the original airtime of a show so they don’t miss anything or get spoiled, plus theyMore

Halloween is one week away, but don’t panic if you haven’t had hours to spend planning out a campaign. We’ve done most of the work for you! Here’s how your brand can have a successful Halloween on Instagram with just a little work put in from you. Figure out what applies to your brand HowMore

We’ve covered a lot of Instagram territory over the years- and especially since we launched our Instagram analytics- so we thought we’d round up all of the most recent and useful pieces in one place for your easy reference. Consider this our best Instagram advice for brands. Got a question about something you don’t see here?More

A few months ago, we added a new analysis to our Twitter Trackers – the Tweet detail report. You can now see all kinds of useful detail about a Tweet – yours or someone else’s. Learn what kind of response a Tweet got, how many impressions it generated, who engaged with it and when, and more. ThisMore

Most likely you’ve already wrapped up planning for this year’s holiday campaigns, but in case you’re inheriting the responsibility last minute or just want to get a jumpstart on next year, we have some ideas for how to tap into the holiday spirit on social. Keep in mind these ideas are applicable to any kindMore