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It’s tempting to just take it easy during your off-season, but that’s the best time to plan content for the busy season and do a little community building with your existing fans and followers— not to mention your target audience who aren’t yet following you. Here are some of our suggestions for how travel brandsMore

“How often should you post on social?” is a tricky question. No matter how long you’ve been on certain platforms it can be tricky to know if you’re posting enough- or too much- or exactly when you should post next. With the right set of tools, however, you can narrow it down with confidence to aMore

On the one hand entertainment brands seem to have it pretty easy— everyone is always look for the next thing in entertainment and they’ve usually got a lot of resources behind their marketing efforts. On the other hand, creativity can always be dulled having to run through a gauntlet of approvals and that eager audience canMore

At Union Metrics, our analytics aim to answer your biggest social media questions, saving you time and helping your improve your social media strategy. We know our customers come to us at different places in their social media journey; some have established routines and others are starting from scratch. And in many steps along that journey, your publishing needs require more thanMore

Keeping track of the conversation around your competition- in addition to paying attention to what they’re saying and doing themselves- should be part of your social listening strategy. This will not only help you keep track of your share of voice in your industry, but also keep you from ever getting caught off-guard when itMore

We’ve noted many times that hashtags are the key to discovery on Instagram. We also know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using the same hashtags on your Instagram posts once you figure out which ones your community uses and you establish a good posting cadence. It’s important to take a littleMore

No matter what industry you’re in you can always benefit from examples of creativity in social media marketing from any other industry. We took a look at some alcohol brands going beyond the standard product shot on their social feeds to really engage their fans, followers and customers with creative social marketing. Consider how you couldMore

People can and do say a lot about themselves on social media- including Twitter- and travel companies can use this to their advantage to learn more about their fans, followers, customers and potential customers. Here’s how travel brands can get to know visitors before they embark on a trip, in a way that makes theseMore

With Twitter, as with many things in life, taking a long hard look at your most and least successful efforts can tell you a great deal about what kind of approach you should take in the future. What common elements lead you to success and which to a lackluster performance? While we can’t provide thatMore