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A tweet seems so simple: Just 140 characters, what art is there to something so small? It turns out there’s a lot you can do with that space, so today we’re going over how to write a good tweet. And this isn’t just for those newer to Twitter; any seasoned social media marketer can always useMore

What should I post? How do I get more engagement with and reach for my content? At Union Metrics, we hear these questions every single day. And we all know there are hundreds of different things you can try on social media to work on creating higher quality, more impactful social content. But one of the best ways toMore

Social changes fast, so even if you’re keeping up with the platform updates we share share each week in The Week in Social, you could miss something that’s a great opportunity for your brand to start testing out immediately. With that in mind we’ve done a simple, quick roundup of all the latest platform updates andMore

Social media changes fast, so now along with the platform updates we share in The Week in Social, we’ll be bringing you some ideas for things to try with your brand’s presence on social based on each month’s platform updates. This is the August edition. Got an idea or something that we missed? Tell us aboutMore

Hashtags are still the best way to get your content discovered by a larger audience on social media, particularly on Instagram. In this Social Media Summer School session we’ll go over some best practices for hashtags and how measurement can maximize your hashtag impact. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on TwitterMore

Instagram has come a long way from its original square-image-only beginnings, but there are still some apps that can enhance your Instagram presence, especially if you’re a brand. With that in mind, we put together a list of the best Instagram apps for business. Got one we missed or have something else to add? FindMore

Who doesn’t want to better reach their target audience on social media? The right analytics can help you learn exactly what you need to create better content and grow your brand’s reach. In case you missed our webinar on this, you can access the recording for free. In it, we discuss why engagement matters onMore

We’ve been talking a lot about impressions lately since we rolled out our new engagement metrics, so we wanted to address a big thing they highlight: Now that you can see your actual vs. potential impressions updated in real time, how do you get more impressions? You obviously can’t strap your followers down and forceMore

A word of caution to begin: Trying to “start a trend” is almost like “trying to go viral”; there’s not a magic formula to follow and it’s not really something you can plan for, but taking a look at some popular trends on social can help you craft better overall content and give you a betterMore