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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house; take some time to clean up your social accounts and your overall social media strategy for a boost going into the rest of the year! Here are our best tips for sprucing things up. Revisit your goals. Ask yourself if the goals you’ve set for your overall socialMore

You’ve got a fantastic multi-channel social media strategy built out for your brand, you’re publishing content and measuring results regularly when suddenly a new platform appears. Don’t panic! We’ve got four quick tips for folding any new social media platform into your existing strategy. 1. Be sure your target audience is there First, be sure your ideal audience is –More

Don’t let changes with the Facebook News Feed algorithm leave you feeling overwhelmed; take it as an excuse to keep your Facebook strategy fresh! Here are our three best tips for doing just that. 1. Constantly experiment. The month-long Facebook experiment we ran last fall taught us a lot about what was resonating- and whatMore

Tumblr’s well established, tight-knit communities around just about everything you can think of make it a perfect addition to any comprehensive multi-channel social marketing plan. Here are three of our best tips to easily fold Tumblr into the rest of your social efforts. 1. Don’t try to build a new community on Tumblr; find your existingMore

What are Twitter impressions? Why do they matter? How are they calculated? Twitter impressions are one of the most used and most controversial Twitter metrics social media marketers deal with today. So hopefully, we can help. Here’s a list of our favorite Twitter impressions resources. Get to know how Twitter impressions are calculated, the difference betweenMore

A lot of what we talk about around social media marketing focuses on brands who sell to consumers. But what if your target audience is other businesses? You can – and should – be using social media to reach them, but your strategy may vary from a B2C business. At Union Metrics, these are issuesMore

No matter where you post it, good social content is really just good content. What makes something good for Twitter isn’t that different than what makes it work on Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr. Our new multi-channel social strategy survival guide breaks down how to create the right kind of social content, discussing everything from what toMore

It’s here! The day social media managers- and anyone else who has multiple Instagram accounts- has been waiting for: Instagram account switching. Once you’ve set yours up, here’s three things you need to know for your brand before you start effortlessly posting, liking and commenting between up to five accounts. 1. Double check who has yourMore

If you’re running an event like a conference, social media provides the perfect venue to help you communicate with attendees, promote your event, and collect important feedback. So how can you take advantage of all that social has to offer, while making sure you’re getting what you need from it? Here are our four waysMore

Social media is a necessary part of a comprehensive marketing plan, and any comprehensive marketing plan needs benchmarks to know where it stands in terms of its competitors and its overall success. Unfortunately, research still indicates that marketers struggle to set and monitor social benchmarks, but fear not if you’re one of them, because we’re hereMore