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Multi-channel marketing can be tricky. Your brand needs to achieve the right balance of a comprehensive presence across platforms without straining your resources or repeating yourself to the point that you annoy your customers, fans and followers. So how do you market across channels without annoying any of the aforementioned? We have some tips toMore

You’ve seen all the buzz about Instagram Stories this week and probably watched a few of the Stories at the top of your feed, but maybe you’re still not sure when you should use Stories versus posting to Instagram as you regularly do. It’s a cool new feature, especially if you don’t have time toMore

Experimenting with different content formats across your social presence is important, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with all of the different options available. If you’ve been curious about trying out Instagram’s app Boomerang, here are a few ideas for when to use it: Replace a GIF: Any action thatMore

This year’s big International Sporting Event is about to start and you might need to do some serious retooling of your brand’s social content strategy if you were planning to mention it in any official capacity. You can download the official social media guidelines here, but AdWeek covered a pretty comprehensive sampling of what youMore

Live video is all the rage, sure, but why put so much work into something that just airs once, even if it can drive a ton of audience engagement and interaction in that time? Most platforms have realized users- and especially brands- don’t want their content to disappear entirely so they’ve built ways of capturingMore

At Union Metrics, our customers are some of the smartest and most innovative social media marketers in the business. Whenever we can, we like to learn from those smart folks about how they use social media and share those lessons with you. We spoke with Patsy McGaughy, Communications Director at Napa Valley Vintners, about howMore

Summer is synonymous with travel. If you’re a hotel marketer, you’re probably in the midst of your busy season right now, resorts and hotels specifically. Let us help you make it through with our best six Instagram tips for resort and hotel brands. Got a question? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. 1. Decide what story you wantMore

Video- especially live video- is all the rage on Facebook right now, so why are we talking about 360 degree photos? Well one size never fits all in marketing, so it’s up to you to do the work and test to see what your specific audience wants from your brand in what format. It couldMore

Sure, everyone knows about #TBT, but what about hashtags more specific to the travel, tourism industries? What about destination marketers? How do you find the best travel hashtags on Instagram in order to start using them? Hashtag discovery is key to success on Instagram, after all. Fortunately we know exactly how to find these hashtagsMore