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A few months ago, we added a new analysis to our Twitter Trackers – the Tweet detail report. You can now see all kinds of useful detail about a Tweet – yours or someone else’s. Learn what kind of response a Tweet got, how many impressions it generated, who engaged with it and when, and more. ThisMore

Most likely you’ve already wrapped up planning for this year’s holiday campaigns, but in case you’re inheriting the responsibility last minute or just want to get a jumpstart on next year, we have some ideas for how to tap into the holiday spirit on social. Keep in mind these ideas are applicable to any kindMore

Fall on Instagram involves a lot of changing foliage and decorative gourds, but inspired marketing doesn’t have to stay inside those pumpkin parameters. We found a few great fall campaigns on Instagram worth learning from. Seen one we don’t cover here? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Vineyards sharing their fall harvest Our friends at Napa ValleyMore

The phrase “know your audience” is so ubiquitous in marketing it has almost lost meaning. When that happens, it’s easy to get complacent about your marketing strategy. You did the work once, right? It wasn’t that long ago, it’s probably fine. If any of that sounds familiar, it’s probably time to sit down and beMore

There’s a community for just about everything on Instagram and the magic of Instagram is that you can discover them and how they like to talk to each other, present their content and more, via hashtags. Here’s exactly how brands can go about discovering key Instagram communities related to their fans, followers and target audienceMore

We can’t say it enough: Hashtags are the key to discoverability on Instagram. One of the best ways to get your content discovered by new viewers- while also getting inspiration for your own content going forward- is to experiment with using new hashtags. You don’t just want to slap any old hashtags on your nextMore

Marketing movies on social media is a trickier business than it might first seem— while you’ve got enticing subject matter and most likely more resources than your average local business, you’ve also got to comply with the wishes of everyone from studio heads to actors and consider those of diehard fans. What’s a movie social mediaMore

If the last time you looked at your social media crisis plan was more than six months ago, it’s time to review it. Don’t have one? There’s no time like the present. Do you have a plan for every kind of social crisis? You should have specifics in place for each of the following situations:More

Last Thursday marked the official first day of fall and even if the weather in your area isn’t cooperating with what the calendar says, social media is enthusiastically embracing the change of seasons, including the breweries. If pumpkin beer isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of Oktoberfest-ing and other seasonal brewery activities to get excitedMore