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When the longer hotter days of summer roll around even the brands get in on the excitement, though some are a little better at tapping into the summer spirit than others. We’re sharing the best summer campaigns we’ve seen so far this year, but if you’ve got one we’ve missed, let us know! You canMore

Wise words from Union Metrics Marketing Manager, Rebecca Allen, on how to keep your paid content fresh.  Are your paid ads starting to get stale? Have you noticed weekly impressions are starting to decline? When you figure out which paid ads work on social media, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Fortunately, socialMore

We’ve written about crisis communication quite a bit over the years, especially how a comprehensive social listening program can help identify issues before they become bigger problems. Now that we’ve added sentiment analysis to our Social Suite, we wanted to explore exactly what sentiment data can do for crisis communication across all stages. Got aMore

We love a good social experiment around here (as in with our social media, not performed on our coworkers) so a few months ago we started hosting regular office hours on Facebook Live, testing different times until we landed on a regular biweekly slot at 2pm PT/4pm CT Thursdays with a casual, Q&A happy hour.More

Building an Instagram following can seem daunting, especially in the current era of Instagram influencer marketing, where those influencers have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. It can be tempting to skip ahead by buying some Instagram followers as either a personal or traditional brand, but that’s not a good idea for severalMore

Social media provides an amazing way to collect tons of customer feedback without having to do very much work at all. You don’t need to spend time sending out questionnaires or recruiting focus group participants. You can simply turn to the thousands of customers talking about your brand on social media to find out exactlyMore

Hashtags are still key to discovery on Instagram—  that much hasn’t changed. But what, if any, are the new rules for hashtags? We dug around to see what about tried and true best practices has shifted and what’s still solidly the same. Disagree? Got something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. What’s the sameMore

Small and medium businesses obviously don’t have the same resources the big behemoth brands do, and it can be frustrating to read content aimed at large teams with budgets you can only dream of. With that in mind, we wrote this one just for you SMBs! We’re small ourselves, so we’re speaking from experience. AndMore

It’s no secret that agencies need to stay on top of social trends and keep their clients happy, with all of their changing needs on top of shifting social trends. It’s not an easy job, but having reliable social media metrics makes it much easier than scrambling to piece things together from a difficult, complicated reporting system.More