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Regular readers of our blog and viewers of our office hours know that we love to encourage a healthy amount of experimentation in your social strategy across platforms. It’s wise to always work from best practices and with the knowledge your data is giving you, but also leave room for ideas that grow out ofMore

2017 is winding down fast, so we want to be sure you have everything you need to start 2018 off strong, including your content calendar. Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Get your baseline First, look at your 2017 stats. Ideally you’ll be paying attention to these at least monthly,More

Recently our VP of Engineering Jerry Chen gave a talk at the office after hours for the latest #TapIntoTwitter, covering different aspects of working with APIs. We thought some of our readers might be interested in understanding how APIs work better, so we asked Jerry to recap his talk with a few questions. You can also accessMore

Every other Thursday you can find our Social Media Manager Sarah and our Customer Support Rep Betsy- and sometimes a surprise guest or two!- on Instagram and Facebook Live for office hours. From 31 different broadcasts, Betsy and Sarah are sharing their top tips from office hours. Betsy’s top tip When you’re sharing tips withMore

We’ve covered a little bit about bots before when we’ve written about why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers. But we thought it might help to go a little bit more in depth about bots: You’ve heard that they’re bad, but just why are bots so bad? What can they do to harm your brand? HowMore

Why we need #dayoffbrags

Our Social Media Manager, Sarah A. Parker, likes to opine on all things social media from time to time, so we’ve given her space to do just that here on our blog. She’ll cover everything from the new and unusual to the outdated and annoying. Got something she missed our something you’d like her toMore

Taking time away from social is crucial for your health, happiness and general well-being but it can also feel like you’re letting your customers, fans and followers down if you aren’t available to them 24/7 on social, even during the holidays. How do you strike the right balance between being a responsive brand and alsoMore

We build the analytics around here so it’s easy for us to get caught up in things from that end of the spectrum. With that in mind, we’re reaching out to some different perspectives on using social media, from Instagram influencers to podcasters and more. This is an interview with Melissa Kraemer, momager for popular InstagramMore

That creeping sensation you may be feeling isn’t just because it’s the spookiest month of the year, but because October means it’s almost November and that means the holidays are breathing down your neck. Do you have a holiday content calendar ready to go, planned and approved? If you don’t, there’s no need to panic.More

It’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and focused on just churning out the content your team needs; sometimes that’s just what has to happen. But let this post serve as a reminder to step back when you can and remember to keep your goals in mind when you’re writing any kind of content,More