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This article, written by our Editor-in-Chief Jenn Deering Davis, was originally published on PerformanceIN.  One of the best things about Facebook is all the metrics we can access through Insights or third-party analytics providers (like Union Metrics!). For brands, it’s a veritable data buffet! However, there are so many metrics that it’s hard to know whichMore

We’ve looked at how people discuss entertainment across social channels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is always on their best behavior. (Or blocking and reporting options on every platform wouldn’t be such an important feature.) So if you’re going to live-tweet (or blog, or post or otherwise socially share) your favorite TV show, stickMore

Instagram is a social media powerhouse. In just five years, more than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, and it now has more than 400 million monthly active users. 50,000 new photos were shared on Instagram in just the past 60 seconds. That’s 80 million new photos and 3.5 billion new likes every single day. So how you canMore

How to create an anti-trolling plan in 5 steps

It’s an unfortunate reality of social networking that we- private citizens as well as personal and major brands- sometimes have to deal with trolls. Much like a crisis communication plan, we recommend having a plan or at least policy in place well before actually experiencing a trolling. At the very least, know who on theMore

If your brand has only done a little experimenting on Instagram, there’s no time like the present to really do the work and engage with relevant Instagram communities. Worried about how to identify and get to know a new community on Instagram? Want to learn how to participate in a way that won’t get you ignoredMore

As Facebook increasingly serves as the hub for most brands’ social presence, it’s important for brands to proactively connect with fans and influencers on the platform, rather than just waiting for customer to half-heartedly “Like” their page after a transaction. So how, exactly, do you go about finding fans and influencers? We’re glad you asked! HereMore

The visual content marketing your strategy is missing: SlideShare

With all the talk about video it’s easy to forget one of the better established visual content marketing platforms- especially for B2B- that’s been around since 2006. Maybe you’ve created a profile and uploaded a presentation or two, but with a little more love you can make your SlideShare presence sing— and boost your visualMore

5 questions to ask before trying an influencer campaign or brand partnership

Partnering with an influencer is one of the best ways for a brand to increase their reach across a platform and particularly to a specific audience they’re trying to target. Influencers already speak the language of the space and have a following that respects their tastes and recommendations. Still need proof it’s a good move? Recent researchMore

How Twitter etiquette has evolved: Be a modern Emily Post on Twitter

Etiquette definitely evolves over time and that’s just as true of social media etiquette as it is of which fork you’re supposed to be using at Thanksgiving dinner (and now much anyone actually cares about it). We’ve covered how to be the Emily Post of Twitter chats, so we thought we might be sure everyoneMore