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In case you missed it, we recently rolled out geo reports (alongside comment reporting) available through the Union Metrics Social Suite. So what exactly can you learn from geo reporting? We’ll share several different ways to use it, and the first is what brands can learn from customer geotags. Got a question, comment or concern? See usMore

Social media allows anyone to talk about a brand. This is one of the great and terrifying promises of social media; it’s democratic and open. For a brand, this promise can be scary – what will customers say if given the opportunity and mouthpiece to say whatever they want? But just as it’s scary, it’sMore

It’s easy to get distracted by the newest and shiniest in social media and let certain older platforms slide to the back of your priority list, but anywhere your target audience and customers still like to spend their time is somewhere you shouldn’t neglect. If Tumblr happens to be that place, here’s everything you needMore

We recommend taking a deeper dive into your brand’s social media analytics at least once a quarter to assess performance, adjust any goals as necessary and glean some new ideas for your content marketing calendar going forward. That’s easy to know and harder to do- especially with a multi-channel strategy- so here are four thingsMore

Our CEO Hayes Davis just attended SocialPro 2016 in Seattle and gave a presentation on Instagram, which you may have guessed was titled Instagram Insta-Success: Advanced Edition, based on the title of this post. We thought we’d share the highlights and most helpful takeaways with you here. Were you at SocialPro? Tell us what your takeaways are overMore

Summer can be a slow time across industries as kids are out of school, families are taking trips, and we’re all tempted to let our minds wander over from our computer screens out into the sun-drenched days outside our windows. So how can you keep up social engagement during this non-peak season? Fortunately, mobile isMore

What can you learn from Instagram comments? A lot, as it turns out! And before you think you need to comb through all of your comments manually, we recently upgraded the comment reporting in our comprehensive Instagram analytics, available through the Union Metrics Social Suite. So crack open a fresh tab, get to your InstagramMore

Video is still the reigning content format of choice in marketing at the moment, but how do you add more video to your strategy if it’s already set in stone or full of other content types that are working for your audience? Here’s how to painlessly expand your social video strategy. Make an assessment You knowMore

Discussion of multi-channel social marketing strategy is everywhere for a good reason; your collective audience might be everywhere but most of them still have individual preferences on which platforms they like to hang out on, and you want them to be able to find the information they need from you in the place they prefer toMore