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There are the brands who set the best practices for social platforms, and then there are the brands and individuals who learn from those best practices and blaze their own trail. If you’re looking to infuse a little creativity into your brand’s social strategy across platforms in 2016, we have some inspiration for you! OnMore

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Union Metrics is, “When should I post on my Instagram account?” Sadly, we usually have to say that there’s no single best time to post on Instagram. However, depending on the kinds of content you post and the audience you’re trying to reach, there are aMore

We’ve rounded up our best tips and best practices for Twitter here. So bookmark this post and use it to improve your 2016 social media marketing strategy. (And of course, don’t forget to check our Union Metrics Twitter analytics!) General Twitter tips Some of our go-to best practices: Hashtags: Twitter hashtag best practices and a related update in Quick tip for hashtags atMore

As part of our 2015 year in review, we’re looking back at which of our blog posts our readers found the most interesting and helpful. Is there something you want to know more about in 2016? Tell us in the comments or come find us on Twitter at @UnionMetrics. We’re always happy to help! 1. Want toMore

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including marketers; you’ve got execute the campaign you meticulously planned out months ago, and hope your Instagram audience responds the way you want them to. So how do you get your brand heard over the hustle and bustle of all the #jingle #bells? We’ve gathered up someMore

Are you looking for a new Twitter search and analytics solution? Look no further! Union Metrics can help. Our free TweetReach snapshot reports are great for quick searches of recent tweets about anything. You can even search for URLs to see what tweets they were in. Try a hashtag, phrase, username or some combination of thoseMore

While it’s tempting to just let things stay quiet during the holiday slowdown, there’s no better time to take a long hard look at what went well with your social strategy over the last year and be honest about what didn’t. Then you can wrap those findings up into a new and improved strategy toMore

In an effort to practice more of what we preach, we spent the month of November trying some different things out on our Union Metrics Facebook Page to see what works for us organically – we didn’t boost any posts for the whole month – and we thought we’d share those results with you here.More

You’ve heard everyone talking about it, but how do you know exactly when it’s time to join the newest social network? And how do you go about actually participating once you do? Here’s a quick breakdown to help you out. 3 reasons you know it’s time to join that new network. 1. You’re noticing aMore

Last week the Union Metrics Editorial Team- Editor-in-Chief Jenn Deering Davis and Social Media Manager Sarah A. Parker- attended SocialPro in Las Vegas, and came back with some handy tips to consider working into your social content marketing strategy going forward. There were a ton of great presenters sharing expertise on a range of topics- JennMore