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Social media savvy can enhance a pitch— and it can even outright save one. One way to do this? Make social part of your PR pitch, as highlighted in a recent TrendKite blog post: “If you see from their social profile(s) that someone is passionate about a niche industry you’re pitching, you have a greatMore

First, a huge thank you to everyone who made it to our webinar on how to Plan a killer 2019 Instagram strategy! If you missed it, you can catch the replay at that link. We had so many great questions come up during the webinar that we didn’t have time to get them all— and as weMore

Instagram made a lot of changes in 2018. From new features and insights, to restricted data and updated algorithms, it’s no doubt that social media marketers had a busy year! Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 11:00AM – 11:30AM CST where we’ll break down how your brand can use these changesMore

When not to use analytics

No, it’s not opposite day. Although we obviously love and advocate for analytics and all of the things they can do for your brand, there are some times where it’s better not to tap into analytics. Let’s break it down. And as always, if you’ve got questions, comments or concerns you can find us onMore

Elon Musk made a very expensive tweet recently. Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 7, 2018 In case you missed this particular kerfuffle, you can catch up on the full timeline from PR Week here. This particular tweet was preceded by some other unfortunate tweets from Musk,More

Did you see Instagram’s latest feature? Rolling out as of today, “Nametag” is a way for users to quickly scan someone’s Instagram account IRL so they can check it out and presumably follow them. It looks like this when you first click in to set it up (it’s customizable by color, emoji background, or selfieMore

There’s a lot to keep track of on social when it comes to your audience, which is why we do our best to make our reporting as simple and communicative as possible. With that in mind, we thought we’d discuss the differences between your fans and the specifics of your active audience using Facebook asMore

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you know how important social media is; for smaller brands it can even be most of your PR strategy. Union Metrics co-founder- and now Head of Social Customer Experience at TrendKite- Jenn Deering Davis spoke on the power of social media when it comes to PR in aMore

We’ve written about how to use Superzoom in Instagram Stories before, but we thought we’d quickly highlight that they’ve switched up the available Superzoom settings to some new and fun things you can play with instead of the original four choices: Hearts Paparazzi Fire Nope Bummer Surprise TV show Beats Dramatic Bounce Test out the onesMore

Here’s a frustrating scenario: You’ve put a ton of work into understanding the target audience for your brand and tailoring your content for that audience. Then you start publishing that content and launching campaigns around that content, but when the results come in, it turns out an entirely different audience is consuming that content. MaybeMore