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You’ve read about what a day in the life of our Marketing Manager, Rebecca Allen, is like, so we thought just like our Social Media Manager shared how our Facebook experiments have gone, you might want a more in-depth look at how some of our other digital marketing experiments have gone. This post covers everything inMore

We’ve talked before about how showrunners can get the most out of live-tweeting their shows alongside their audience, but sometimes the most helpful thing is taking a look at the most successful examples out there. With that in mind, we rounded up some of the best examples of live-tweeted shows and their strategies out there—More

If you’re in digital or social media marketing, you probably have at least some basic keyword monitoring in place for Twitter. You keep track of what people say about your company and your brands, and maybe you even monitor your closest competitors and some general industry keywords. Twitter’s perfect for this kind of social listening,More

In order to make your visual content marketing truly sing on Instagram, it’s sometimes necessary to tap into apps outside of those created by Instagram themselves (we’ll go over those too). While many of them were shut down when Instagram changed its API access, there are still a few around worth checking out to seeMore

The winter holidays seem to swallow up Thanksgiving most of the time, with most brands skipping from marketing with jack-o-laterns straight to wreaths and colored lights. But some brands are choosing to focus on the family-and-food holiday that comes between—  and there’s a lot that can be learned from their different approaches. Seen a goodMore

Although Facebook is constantly tweaking their News Feed, there are many principles of Facebook marketing that have held consistent over the years (like knowing your specific audience) and with that in mind, we’ve rounded up all of our best marketing advice for brands on Facebook. Got a question we don’t cover here? Ask us aboutMore

If your brand isn’t directly tied to holiday festivities in some way, it can be hard to keep things going in your community of fans and followers as everyone gets into the holiday spirit. And if even if you’re Santa Claus himself, how do you keep your audience engaged when they’re planning to spend someMore

It’s never too early to plan for your next campaign— or plan how you’re going to plan for your next campaign, right? Here’s exactly the data you should be looking for on social to nail it. First: Plan your recon Ask yourself some questions, like what keywords do you need to look at? Which hashtagsMore

Last year we spent the month of November experimenting with our approach to Facebook and we wrote about our results in the appropriately titled 5 things we learned from our November Facebook experiment. A lot has changed with Facebook since then and we’ve been experimenting with new approaches and features accordingly. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.More

We’ve written- and spoken- about movie marketing several times over the years, so we wanted to put all of our best advice together for easy access. This advice isn’t just for movie marketers either; you can apply the basic strategies to your own brand and industry. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from an unexpected place! And, asMore