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Valentine’s Day marketing can get excruciatingly saccharine and predictable with diamonds and sugar making us all want to hide out until it’s all at least discounted on February 15th. That makes brands like MeUndies who get creative stand out even more. No stranger to UGC- their Instagram bio tells fans and followers to tag them withMore

UGC isn’t new when it comes to big game ads- recall Dorito’s Crash The Super Bowl contests of years past- but Kraft is taking it to a new level by incorporating near real-time content from fans the day of the big game. In order to get the word out, they’ve been teasing the campaign: And KraftMore

In January we expect most marketing directed at us to be about fitness, weight loss and systems designed to change our lives for the better with meditations and affirmations, increasingly packaged as part of an overall “wellness” lifestyle. KFC is cleverly tapping into the idea of wellness as a whole by staking out the partMore

The fitness industry is not particularly known for having a sense of humor, especially when it comes to advertising for protein supplements and bars. It’s mostly a sea of buff torsos and boasts of protein gram counts. KIND bars have always advertised based on their “real food” ingredients and now they’re carrying that approach over toMore

The new year gets people thinking about all kinds of new projects they want to undertake: on themselves, their careers and their homes. For the last category, Home Depot has teamed up with go-to project cataloguer Pinterest to show users several condensed start-to-finish home projects with all kinds of special details fit in. Oh, andMore

Celebrity-brand partnerships are nothing new in marketing, but they have evolved, particularly as younger audiences shift their trust from traditional celebrities to social media influencers. Some celebrities tend to straddle that line, however, with devoted social media followings based not only on their celebrity but also on their online presence. One such man is DJMore

Holiday campaigns are their own special undertaking, requiring brands to think through what about the season is important to their audience and still relevant to their voice, values and more. A lot of brands play it safe and stick to family values and schmaltz, which is fine but not particularly memorable. We’ve tried to pick outMore

Many brands have strayed from a traditional, reserved brand voice in advertising to embrace weirdness and humor. None fits quite so well with their product as Poo-Pourri does, however; they take a social taboo and tap into the humor around it for their advertising. And this holiday season they’ve enlisted the help of a veryMore

Brands usually go one of two directions with holiday marketing: Sentimental schmaltz, or humor. The memorable ads come when something a little different gets put together, or brands put a new twist on some longstanding tropes. Imagining the inner workings of Santa’s workshop isn’t a new idea, but Air New Zealand put something of aMore

Literally. For nearly an hour. Last year saw Nick Offerman silently sipping Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch for 45 minutes in front of a Yule log. Old Spice has embraced the length of the branded video, but gone in the opposite direction in terms of effects, providing viewers with nearly an hour of explosions and shoutingMore