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H&M is partnering with Moschino on a new collection due out this fall and they made the announcement via Instagram Live— and via some very big influencers. Designer Jeremy Scott and supermodel Gigi Hadid, to be exact. According to Digiday, Instagram Stories have become traffic drivers for publishers and influencers, making announcing this collab viaMore

The Boston Marathon is an iconic event, and not just for runners. Marathon Monday is celebrated by runners the world over. This year Adidas is celebrating each and every Boston Marathon runner- and its 30-year partnership with the Boston Athletic Association- by creating a personalized video for every single one of them. That’s 30,000 videos. MarketingMore

Were you fooled by any brands on Easter Sunday? There were quite a few attempts to fool consumers, many of them starting early since target audiences would presumably be away from phones and computers the day of. So what makes a good April Fool? Obviously humor and cleverness can be subjective, but some basics ringMore

There are the sophisticated and cool among us who always know about the latest modern art exhibit and have it on their calendars as a must-see event. Then there are the rest of us who ask ourselves, at least internally, if two old vacuum cleaners encased in plastic columns are really art? Some of usMore

Finding time to hang out with your friends gets harder in certain stages of your life, and Tostitos is here to remind us all to make those relationships a priority. Otherwise Jean-Claude Van Damme might steal our friends (and eat all of the snacks they had to share with us). You don’t want to getMore

It’s hard to go wrong with dogs in advertising, and Google took this to the next level, wondering what it would be like to have Google Street View from a dog’s point of view. Specifically an Akita mapping out its ancestral homeland for tourists. Spoiler alert: It is adorable. PSFK explains the project: “Google JapanMore

Last year Stoli came up with cocktails and more around the movie Atomic Blonde and this year they’re launching a similar campaign around the premiere of Red Sparrow, another female-led action film. From Marketing Dive: “Stoli is extending its brand partnership with 20th Century Fox beyond being the official vodka of ‘Red Sparrow’ and cameoing in theMore

It’s not great for a company with “chicken” in its name to run out of chicken, but that’s what happened to KFC in the UK this week. Brand crises are rarely predictable, so any planning done ahead of time has to be tailored to the situation at hand (which doesn’t mean your brand shouldn’t haveMore

We all know the Valentine classics: Candy hearts, wine, chocolates, maybe a cuddly teddy bear and a balloon or two. We also know the romantic stories we love, with partners so devoted they cannot be apart and partners who push each other to be their very best selves. But when does that devotion, or that drive,More