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If you follow Whole Foods on Instagram, you might have been concerned recently that they got hacked. But the blank posts were intentional and they were meant to signal our dependence on bees for most of the produce we love and enjoy.   They archived all of their old posts and posted only blank photosMore

Schwinn may be a 120+ year old company that makes bikes, but they threw back to a more recent era with their Stranger Things-inspired campaign as Marketing Dive writes: “The company released a print ad for ‘Mike’s Bike’ in the June 3 edition of The Chicago Tribune, which was styled to look like it wasMore

The promotions around Jurassic World keep coming, and they keep getting more creative. After Amazon made their “biggest delivery ever”, Doritos is getting in on the Jurassic World marketing collaboration with an extensive, fun campaign that’s meant to be interactive. It’s also perfectly absurd: Fans can actually win (and. . .eat? collect?) the giant DoritoMore

Every 7.3 seconds a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt. Clearly, these men are afflicted by shirts that are falling apart before they can take a photo in them. How are they getting so #ripped? So #shredded? Fruit of the Loom asks these important questions- and of course offers a branded answer-More

Chances are the biggest Amazon delivery you’ve ever received wasn’t a 40-foot long box with air holes, addressed to some dinosaur wranglers. Unless you’re Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, in which case you’re unveiling the contents of that box- which was delivered via Jeep Wrangler motorcade- today. There’s a lot to unpack here, andMore

Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, chances are you’ve heard of Steph Curry. It’s a mark of the sport that he’s considered smaller at 6’3″- the average professional player is around 6’7″- and ESPN had some fun debuting their latest campaign around the idea of smaller guys being the ones currently playing some ofMore

The trend is local, organic fruit for your juicer, right? What about fruit that’s several hundred years old and also part of a still life painting? With 86% of Europeans missing out on their five-a-day, we wondered…how many would notice if fruit and veggies disappeared completely? — Philips (@Philips) April 23, 2018 All theMore

Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday this year, and Jose Cuervo is taking advantage of this rarity to launch a campaign getting consumers ready for the big day with a routine of “Cinco-cising” with support from actor James Van Der Beek. (And more, like an entire microsite dedicated to it.) Meant to gently mockMore

KFC has a new sandwich out, and its release required the revival of its Colonel of the same name: The Extra Crispy Colonel. This Colonel is played by renowned, very tan actor George Hamilton. Hamilton is most likely not well-known to the younger demographic KFC is attempting to appeal to with its on-the-go crispy sandwichesMore