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An important part of keeping prison recidivism rates low is teaching inmates marketable skills they can use when they return to regular life after serving their sentences. One program in Italy does just that, teaching women not only how to create from scraps of discarded fabric (adding upcycling to all of the social good they’reMore

Here’s a campaign you might not expect: In France, Netflix put up character billboards that fans could face-swap with, using the Snapchat face-swapping feature. That’s a completely fantastic way to combine social marketing with physical, real-world marketing. And the users took it multi-channel, sharing their face-swaps on Twitter La bonne idée ?! #daredevil #houseofcards #oitnbMore

As video has become more prominent across social media platforms, beauty brands have been smart to capitalize on this new horizon for beauty tutorials as part of their content plans. We’ve looked at NARS going 360-degrees with theirs, but the biggest issue with 360-degree video is that you can’t repurpose the content on other platforms— yet.More

Every week we feature a different social media marketing Campaign We Love here on the blog- and on our Tumblr too!- and we thought we’d gather the very best here in case you’re in need of a little campaign inspiration. They’re applicable for any content marketing inspiration and even go over the little things thatMore

Few of us expect to see reality reflected in advertising; advertisers know we’ve come to expect ideals and aspirations. But one brand is going real with their new campaign and it’s getting a great response: Organic Valley, a cooperative of organic farmers, has a new campaign around their Organic Balance milk protein shakes that highlights whatMore

We talk so much about knowing your audience because it’s a necessary basis for any kind of campaign; you’ve got to know who you’re talking to, where, and how they like to be talked to in that place to make any kind of progress in a conversation with them. For band Miike Snow, building aMore

Instagram is known for being one of the social platforms with more aspirational content, which makes this campaign from Sonic all the more interesting. Working with Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) they’ve developed square versions of their new Creamery shakes that will be available for purchase- and delivery!- at Coachella. Why square? Because of Instagram (evenMore

Last month NARS launched a 360-degree beauty tutorial in conjunction with Facebook, giving the viewer control of the tutorial process rather than just sitting back and letting a pre-recorded narrative take them through it. On desktop viewers could navigate with a mouse while mobile offered exploration literally at their fingertips. The introduction of immersive, interactiveMore

Hyperlocal marketing is usually more associated with search than social media, but the latter has an increasing role in it. Local companies have a unique way to capitalize on this, combining more old-fashioned marketing techniques with newer technology. One vegan ice cream company in Austin recently did just that, hosting an “Easter Egg Hunt” from their Instagram page:More

#LastinLine at SXSW

As SXSW 2016 officially winds down and comes to an end, we wanted to highlight another great campaign we saw. Social media marketing agency Social Distillery was interviewing SX attendees on the ground who were last in a line, any line, and conducting a short interview to be featured on their #LastinLine site and acrossMore