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Cupcake Vineyards is courting a younger demographic with their #TreatToday approach on Instagram, collaborating with Millennial influencers and reposting their photos featuring their wines, in addition to sponsoring popular music festivals like Voodoo Fest in New Orleans: The full lineup for #VoodooFest is out & we're in as the official wine! Can't wait to worship theMore

If the good looking cast of the show Outlander isn’t convincing more people to plan their next vacation for Scotland, VisitScotland is hoping their #ScotSpirit campaign will. Across their social profiles, VisitScotland is sharing photos from various visitors showing off their #ScotSpirit as they made their way around the countryside: You definitely have to haveMore

Do you remember what you said you’d do “One day” on Twitter, maybe five years ago? Virgin Atlantic does, and they just might send you on a trip to do it. Per PSFK: “The airline recently launched its ‘One Day’ campaign, which pulls user tweets that begin with ‘One day I will…’ and broadcasts themMore

Facebook Live and live-streaming video in general might be the current talk of the town, but seriously cool things are still happening with the 360 degree video option on Facebook too, including a whole new way to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (The Met). From their Facebook Page: “Architect Richard Morris HuntMore

Nathan’s Famous 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest is almost here and the Coney Island hot dog stand is celebrating its centennial anniversary on top of this All-American event. As the only stand that has lasted through a century of change on the boardwalk, they rely on nostalgia as a major backbone of their marketing, weaving itMore

Snickers has been reminding us for a while now that we’re not ourselves when we’re hungry and now they’re taking things a step further to prevent us from getting hangry; their new “Hungerithm” in Australia lowers the price of a Snickers bar in response to an angrier Internet. Here’s how it works, via PSFK: “The lowestMore

New platforms can be intimidating to brands, not just because of logistics but because of the risk of making a mistake that could potentially pollute their brand’s image. So while we always advocate for leaving room for experimentation in any brand’s social media marketing plans, we also acknowledge that brands can take that experimentation asMore

This Sunday’s Tony Awards is likely to have a higher viewership than normal due to the runaway success of Hamilton, and Nordstrom is capitalizing on this moment by making the red carpet shoppable. As Marketing Dive covers: “Impulse buying is essential for fashion. The ability to measure those impulses is immense.; the ability to turn them intoMore

Every time we think we’ve seen all the different ways to do a Choose Your Own Adventure-style social media campaign, we come across someone who surprises us with a new and fascinating execution of it. Author Jedediah Berry recently used Twitter Polls to crowdsource a story he was writing, letting his Twitter followers help him form it, makingMore

Gatorade celebrated its 50th anniversary last year by bringing back its iconic “Be Like Mike” advertising, updated for modern audiences on Instagram and Facebook. The original ad ran 23 years ago and they released a remastered version- -along with a series of updated spots. Those are unfortunately no longer available on YouTube, but their #BeLikeMike InstagramMore