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It’s hard to make a message like “please recycle” entertaining and sexy, but Coke manages it in a multi-layered way with its new ad. Not only does the ad tell the love story of two drink bottles- an orange Fanta and a zero-sugar Coke- but it’s also a stop motion video made entirely of recycledMore

Summer is winding down and the school year is getting ready to start back up for many, bringing on the back-to-school campaigns. Converse has smartly combined several different approaches in their latest campaign, getting star of Netflix series Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown to share “First Day Feels” in a video they’ve also used to createMore

A lot of companies sell shirts based on pop culture moments, but few put as much care into their products as Jordanené, a small company based in Brooklyn: “All of our products are sweatshop-free and screen printed by us in Brooklyn. Our designs are hand-lettered with a traditional brush and ink. The aprons and crayon bandoliers areMore

Summer means big budget action movies and smart campaigns to go with them. One of those is Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron and Stoli Vodka has partnered with Universal Pictures on a campaign around the film. Marketing Dive breaks it down: “Stoli’s multichannel push around ‘Atomic Blonde’ shows how brands can leverage partnerships with mediaMore

Former Red Sox player David Ortiz has retired, and now he’s asking- along with John Hancock- how he should spend his time in retirement. After all, he’s a #RetirementRookie. This clever ad lays out the premise and asks viewers to share their ideas. The best ones will be made into new videos: This is aMore

Traditional print ads don’t catch attention like they used to, or at least it seems like that’s the trend from the increasing number of magazine and other print ads that can do more than just show you a high-production photo of a product (and how your life might look if you buy it). We’ve already seenMore

A lot of campaigns tap into UGC, but the HitRECord community exists solely because of collaboration: Artists, photographers and more come together to create projects in a new kind of production company headed up by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL). For Father’s Day, they’ve teamed up with Instagram, asking anyone who comes across the post toMore

Brands are inextricably part of the communities they physically exist in, even if they’re big international brands. But it’s a lot harder to be an active part of that community when you’re headquartered hundreds or even thousands of miles away. That’s why it’s a smart move for brands to have a system in place forMore