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Halloween is obviously an important time of year for candy brands and Mars candy has done something truly attention-grabbing this year with a series of bite-sized horror films (all two minutes) that are each sponsored by a different brand of Mars candy and are truly a treat for horror fans. They partnered with Fox for the project, soMore

Few things in life go better together than Halloween and candy, but there’s also a lot of competition out there for a candy company. Smarties decided to step up their game this year by pairing with several bloggers to share some DIY, smarter-than-average (get it?) costumes for kids. Ad Age breaks down the campaign: “TheMore

As soon as September rolls around each year, it begins to appear on the social feeds of your most fanatic Halloween-loving friends: Dancing Pumpkin Guy, heralding the start of their favorite season. The original video- filmed to fill dead airspace on a Halloween newscast on a local Nebraska station in 2006- now exists as many GIFs.More

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is known for the darker cast to a lot of his works, often underlying that darkness with humor and hope where appropriate. “Tequila” might not spring to mind when you read that description, but his recent partnership with Patrón makes sense when you watch the three minute short it produced; those elements areMore

Avocados are delicious, but there’s not a lot of interaction with them beyond cutting them up and eating them. Avocados from Mexico have changed that with a new interactive game that looks like it’s on an iPhone even though it’s on a desktop. It’s a top-secret “found phone” that lets you in on the Avocado SecretMore

Lowe’s has been highlighted for their creative approach on social media before, using Vine (RIP) for some neat 6-second DIY videos. Now they’re taking DIY projects to Instagram Stories, fitting a makeover for a tiny room into the dimensions of an Instagram Story. As PSFK writes: “The closet-like room matches the dimensions of the InstagramMore

First things first for the unfamiliar: ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” but it’s more than just that, and not everyone is susceptible to its effects. Econsultancy breaks it down on their blog: “If you’ve ever been sent into a state of pure relaxation from hearing someone turn the pages of a newspaper or speakingMore

Amidst all of the fancy #foodstagrams and perfectly lit, artful #brunch shots on Instagram there is also #unphotogenicfood. By most brand standards, that’s exactly what Domino’s Instagram feed is: Amateur shots of greasy pizza boxes rather than the cleaner, hopelessly aspirational shots of all its fast food brethren. And the reality is refreshing. What youMore

It’s no secret that video is the media format darling of the moment for marketers, but REI’s embrace of video isn’t limited to a single platform or format. Instead the brand sat down and thought through its voice and values before putting together a video strategy grown from its content marketing plan. This strategy includesMore

It recently came to light from the costuming department of Game of Thrones that to achieve the look of a man who has taken the black- the Night’s Watch- all one need do was head to IKEA for a certain rug. As PSFK tells it: “IKEA has released simple three-step instructions for turning one ofMore