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Craft beer has gained a reputation for taking itself too seriously- remember that Budweiser ad that made fun of fussy craft brews and the fussy people that like them?- but Kona Brewing of Hawaii is here to remind us it doesn’t have to be that way. And we don’t have to be glued to ourMore

The marketing industry talks a lot about how brands need to be more authentic and more human, but we as a society also all know brands still need to sell their products in order to stay in business. The key is to tap into values that a brand’s target audience holds without making your product theMore

Brands can get into a lot of trouble when they try to take on social issues— see the recent backlash against Pepsi, for one example. It’s difficult to come across as sincere in understanding and caring about the nuances of important societal issues when everyone knows you’re still a brand who ultimately has a productMore

When a designer creates a $2,145 version of your 99 cent shopping tote, it would be a waste not to acknowledge the compliment in advertising form. And that’s exactly what IKEA did this week when faced with a very flattering and familiar shopping tote from Balenciaga: As Adweek reports: “In Sweden, at the urging ofMore

Certain things have an advantage on Instagram because they photograph so well, food and drink being high on that list. A multicolored “unicorn” trend has been establishing itself across social lately, showing up in everything from hair and nails to the kitchen. Popular coffee, beverage and food chain Starbucks has capitalized on both of theseMore

Beauty and food are two of the biggest categories on Instagram and for good reason, since they both photograph fabulously in endless combinations. Beauty brand Birchbox (a monthly beauty box subscription service and online store) and NYC’s Black Tap (craft burgers, beer and “crazy shakes”) teamed up to create a custom crazy shake based onMore

Last Saturday was the first of April and so the brands were doing their fooling, to various levels of success and amusement. One that actually seemed hit home? Snapchat’s Instagram filter. Wait, what? Why would they do that? Recode breaks it down nicely: “In case you don’t get it, allow me to dissect the frog: Facebook andMore

By now you’ve probably heard of direct-to-consumer Casper mattresses, especially if you listen to podcasts. But if that has been your only exposure to Casper advertising, perhaps you’re not staying up late enough to catch their new videos inviting insomniacs to call in: If you’re confused by the lack of branding, that’s part of the point;More

Regulars on the cereal aisle have probably noticed something big missing from the Cheerios boxes: Buzz, their bee mascot. Buzz’s absence is a purposeful move by the brand, meant to highlight the declining number of bees in the wild, further tying into their larger campaign to #BringBackTheBees. After all, the honey in their cereal dependsMore

Are two brands better than one? They can be when it comes to a social contest, using their combined audiences to pull in more attention and traffic that hopefully ends in some new enthusiastic fans and followers for each other. Guinness and Airbnb are currently engaged in just that, teaming up to give away aMore