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Holiday Campaigns We Love

It’s a weird in-between-holidays time for a lot of us, so we thought we’d take a moment to look at our favorite holiday Campaigns We Love this year and what made them work (or not). Got something we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Google’s Home Alone Hitting the perfect mix of nostalgiaMore

The past few years we’ve done a round-up of our favorite Black Friday campaigns to tie into our ongoing Campaigns We Love series, but this year we thought it might be more interesting to look at the conversation around Black Friday over the past few years compared to the growth of #GivingTuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving when socialMore

We’ve been keeping an eye out for our favorite spoopy and creepy campaigns this year to see what we can learn from them. Got a good one we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Starbucks Witches Brew Frappuccino First came the Unicorn Frappuccino and Instagram embraced its colorful swirls. Now Starbucks is backMore

A Supreme brand move

There are two things you may or may not be familiar with, reader: Supreme, a cult streetwear brand, and Farmland, a pork producer. What happened next may or may not surprise you: Supreme released a hat with a logo that bears striking resemblance to that of Farmland’s. But rather than get litigious, Farmland decided toMore

Summer is winding down (at least we hear it does that in places outside of Texas) and kids are heading back to school soon, so we rounded up some of our favorite back-to-school campaigns to talk about what makes them work and what other brands can learn from them. Got questions or something we missed?More

The best way to find out how your customers feel about something? Ask them. Target has made this a slightly more exciting and exclusive process by using a secret app to do it. From The Current Daily: “Studio Connect, as the app is called, was first developed back in 2016, but is only accessible throughMore

As we near the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program- and a public surge of interest in space exploration as a trip to Mars becomes more realistic- NASA is working with Samsung to give the public a taste of what it’s like to embark on a mission to the moon in “A Moon for AllMore

Fashion brand /Nyden doesn’t do things in a traditional way, designing collections for seasons that incorporate the latest trends. Instead, they consider themselves a “platform with a soul”, working with different fashion influencers and their audiences via Instagram to create something new. Via The Current Daily: “Influencers are asking their audiences to answer polls toMore

Adidas calls to the new school- social media influencers- using a decidedly old-school method: Billboards and painting on buildings. The Current Daily broke down the campaign: “Each billboard references the influencer’s social media handle and a message directly related to their personal lives that they have shared on social media, with a call to actionMore

Ah, summer love. Warm nights and cold, refreshing drinks from a fast food chain. Right? That’s what Wendy’s is angling for in their new, very original campaign. From Mobile Marketer: “Wendy’s is promoting its summer beverages by publishing romance stories on Wattpad, the social network for authors and readers that reaches 65 million users a month, AdweekMore