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Brands usually go one of two directions with holiday marketing: Sentimental schmaltz, or humor. The memorable ads come when something a little different gets put together, or brands put a new twist on some longstanding tropes. Imagining the inner workings of Santa’s workshop isn’t a new idea, but Air New Zealand put something of aMore

Literally. For nearly an hour. Last year saw Nick Offerman silently sipping Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch for 45 minutes in front of a Yule log. Old Spice has embraced the length of the branded video, but gone in the opposite direction in terms of effects, providing viewers with nearly an hour of explosions and shoutingMore

Holiday marketing can be tricky: The competition for limited consumer attention seems even steeper this time of year, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of false sentiments your audience will most likely see through, running the risk of putting them off of your brand. We rounded up the best Thanksgiving campaigns we cameMore

It’s National Yeti Awareness Week, and you can help save the increasingly endangered Yeti through a comprehensive campaign put on by Great Divide Brewing. Happy National Yeti Awareness Week! Visit to see how you can help save the life of Yeti and enter to win our epic prize pack including gear from @YETICoolers, @OutdoorTech,More

Employee advocacy is an important part of many brand strategies, but Sephora just took theirs even further by casting their own employees in a diverse holiday campaign. (Who wouldn’t help boost a campaign they modeled in, after all?) Fitting since their employees are known as “cast members” in the first place. On the details ofMore

Baz Luhrmann is known for his visually rich, often glamorous films like 1996′s Romeo + Juliet and 2013′s The Great Gatsby. But his latest work- though he says he approached it as a “whole movie”- is only four minutes long. It’s also meant to advertise a collaboration between fast-fashion brand H&M and high-end brand Erdem. TheMore

If you’re a regular reader of our Campaigns We Love series, you’ll have noticed a theme in our chosen campaigns over the last few weeks as Halloween approached (it has been very spooky). We gathered all of our favorite Halloween campaigns here so you can get inspired for all of your holiday marketing needs, whetherMore

Influencer marketing- especially Instagram influencer marketing- is all the rage at the moment, and some campaigns choose more wisely in their influencer partnership than others. One pitch-perfect pair is Link AKC and popular Instagram dog duo (now a dog quartet) Harlow and Sage. The latter star in a one-minute long “Howloween” video showing how LinkMore

Halloween is obviously an important time of year for candy brands and Mars candy has done something truly attention-grabbing this year with a series of bite-sized horror films (all two minutes) that are each sponsored by a different brand of Mars candy and are truly a treat for horror fans. They partnered with Fox for the project, soMore

Few things in life go better together than Halloween and candy, but there’s also a lot of competition out there for a candy company. Smarties decided to step up their game this year by pairing with several bloggers to share some DIY, smarter-than-average (get it?) costumes for kids. Ad Age breaks down the campaign: “TheMore