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Regulars on the cereal aisle have probably noticed something big missing from the Cheerios boxes: Buzz, their bee mascot. Buzz’s absence is a purposeful move by the brand, meant to highlight the declining number of bees in the wild, further tying into their larger campaign to #BringBackTheBees. After all, the honey in their cereal dependsMore

Are two brands better than one? They can be when it comes to a social contest, using their combined audiences to pull in more attention and traffic that hopefully ends in some new enthusiastic fans and followers for each other. Guinness and Airbnb are currently engaged in just that, teaming up to give away aMore

It’s not VisitScotland’s first time in Campaigns We Love and that’s because they keep coming up with engaging campaigns designed to draw travelers in. Their latest is more immersive than ever while requiring little effort on the part of the participant: Simply download their new free app and you can “experience some of Scotland’s mostMore

Last week we looked at a preview of the conversation around the Oscars on Twitter and learned about WalMart’s advertising campaign that featured a series of short films created around a receipt (#TheReceipt). Each one had a different director, each known for different types of film storytelling, and attempted to tell the story behind- you guessedMore

Video orientation can be a hotly contested subject: Should brands keep things vertical? Horizontal? Both, tweaking one for mobile and one for desktop consumption? Ford- with the help of Saatchi & Saatchi- decided to play with these different options in a video that cleverly uses a change in supposed orientation to point out potential dangerousMore

It’s an intriguing question and GE looks at what such a world would look like in one of its latest ads, highlighting accomplished physicist Mildred “Millie” Dresselhaus.  The ad is part of GE’s campaign with a goal of having 20,000 women in STEM roles by the year 2020. 20,000 women in technical roles by 2020. We'reMore

This coming Tuesday is Valentine’s Day (consider this your last-minute warning in case you still need to get something together) and Whole Foods has teamed up with some food blogging influencers to share recipes for a holiday all about indulgences with a loved one. Their blog post frames the holiday campaign perfectly: “Anyone can makeMore

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll have noticed by now that we always encourage a spirit of experimentation in how brands approach social media. Plan the majority of your content from reliable data and feedback from your audience, but also leave some room to try new things and have a little fun.More

VR (or virtual reality) has been one of the hot topic issues for marketers lately, and the sponsors behind the Puppy Bowl are incorporating it into this year’s Big Puppy Game: The “Puppy Bowl Virtual Reality Experience” will let viewers experience the game through the point of view of one of the puppies playing, Buttons. So while it’sMore

Marriott’s back in Campaigns We Love with their third in the Two Bellmen series, this one topping 35 minutes in run time but staying true to the tone of the series with plenty of action surrounding a Marriott property but lacking in any overt sales pitches. It’s a new strategy for a new generation ofMore