The Week in Social #342

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A little bit of everything

First, if you’re wondering how consumers really judge brand authenticity (and influencers), there is a new survey for just that, shared by Megan DeGruttola for Social Media Today: Survey Reveals How Consumers Really Judge Brand Authenticity (and Influencers)

Filed under very important things, we have As an era of self-regulation ends, marketers fear uncharted, risky waters for data privacy from Peter Adams for Marketing Dive.

As for things we should all really pay more attention to, Context Is Everything: Language and Voice in Marketing Messaging [Video] from Luc Benyon for Marketing Profs.

“How can we marketers map our messages and voice to ensure our audiences are comfortable with both, and go on to create a neat fit between message, product, and the medium though which our message is communicated?”

If that medium happens to be Instagram Stories, here are 6 Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement from Dhariana Lozano for SMT.

Finally: Crisis Can Be an Opportunity, Here’s Why You Should Embrace It from Kevin Elliott for PR News.

Platform updates

Every week we keep an eye on the latest platform updates and share the ones we think are the most relevant here.

This week:

As a bonus this week, here’s the info on the new podcast Twitter is releasing called Character Count.

Thanks, as always, for reading and we’ll see you back here in two weeks, after SXSWi wraps up!

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation